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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. The Missing: I can't even begin to tell you how terrifying my nightmares were the night after watching the pilot of the first season of this show, but I was so hooked that that still didn't stop me (and G) from watching the rest. Without giving too much away, the show is about the investigation and aftermath of a young boy's disappearance and it is haunting. - Emily

2. Genuine People: If New York is the apex of fashion in the U.S., San Francisco is the heart of new, cool fashion startups. This one, which is very much in the same vein as Modern Citizen, is new to the scene. I love their high-quality basics with subtle details that keep them interesting. Plus, the price point is extremely reasonable and they have amazing sales. Adding this sweater to my wish list immediately. - Alina

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3. Missing Richard Simmons: As one of my friends told me, "This is basically the new Serial." And he's right. I've known about Richard Simmons since my childhood and always dismissed his over-the-top personality as a goofy act, but his mysterious "disappearance" from public life in 2014 is more interesting and disturbing than any Sweating to the Oldies videos (which have generated over $200 million.) You don't have to know anything about the man to become immediately hooked in this bizarre tale. - Geoffrey

4. Kaye Blegvad Female Support System Hooks: I came across these adorable, “supportive” hooks by Kaye Blegvad on Instagram and purchased one within about five minutes of coming across her profile. I love how tongue-in-cheek they are—they remind me of the Group Partner pots that dominated 2016. I’m planning on putting my “girl” in my bathroom to hold my (very small) collection of necklaces. - Leslie 


5. Copper Planter: One of the first things I did when I moved into my apartment is buy myself a "plant family," which is as close to a pet as I have right now. I love how they bring the outdoorsy, California vibe into my airy home. However in my kitchen, I still hadn't gotten around to upgrading my sweet hanging plant from the plastic container it came in, to something worthy of admiring. I purchased this copper planter to do just that. With its chic faceted design and the contrast between the sleek metal and masculine rope, it's a no-brainer, especially considering its impossible-to-beat price point (just $35). - Alina

6. Brook There Lingerie: I am extremely boring when it comes to bras—I like them nude or black, but most of all plain, so that I don’t even have to think about what will work under my clothes when I’m getting dressed in the morning. White top? Nude bra. Black sheer blouse? Black bra. Easy. But this organic lingerie brand has won me over to the exciting bra side. They’re still basic—nothing lacy or complicated—but they’re beautiful, comfortable, and exactly what I want to wear on a Sunday morning. I especially love this blue marble bra. - Leslie

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7. Salux Washcloth: I can't remember where I first heard about this Japanese washcloth, but the recent fascination with the country (it feels like everyone I know is going or has plans to go, including us) resurfaced it for me. Essentially, it is everything you could ask for from a washcloth—it's just textured enough that it leaves my skin feeling exfoliated and thoroughly scrubbed (unlike a regular towel or plain bar of soap), but isn't so harsh that it leaves my skin feeling raw. It's the best of both worlds—just in time to show more skin for spring. - Emily

8. Rhetoric Coffee: This relatively new coffee subscription service is a simple concept, with a cool twist: They send you a new bag once every two weeks (which is exactly how long whole beans stay fresh for), with a unique piece of art hand-screen printed on the bag. Every purchase contributes to supporting an artist, and Emily and I enjoy the art that comes on each bag. - Geoffrey


9. Lebon Toothpaste: I have a thing for beautifully-packaged beauty products—serums, moisturizers, concealers—and, in this case toothpaste. This version, which comes in three different flavors (cinnamon, mint, and liquorice-mint) is so over-the-top, but I couldn’t resist the idea of buying it to keep out on my bathroom sink, especially since toothpaste is something I would normally keep out of plain sight. It makes me happy every day (twice a day). As an added bonus: it’s all-natural. - Alina

10. Native Union Marble iPhone Dock: We have a fairly extensive “electronics station” in our kitchen—it’s where we set our cameras to charge, keep our Amazon Alexa, and G and I set our phones down while we’re cooking dinner. I recently purchased this marble charging station, which matches our kitchen counter, and makes the area a little bit sleeker, and cord-friendly. - Emily


11. Passion Planner: There’s a ton of evidence that journaling every day is good for your mental health. These planners are designed specifically for daily “gratitude” journaling, but also include designated spots to sketch, reflect on achievements, and write down larger plans and goals (which, as someone who lives for organization, is highly appealing to me). It’s a little cheesy but it’s become an important part of my morning routine. - Leslie

12. Leather Mini Bar Kit: Today, Emily and I are flying to Japan. While we have a ritual of ordering a drink on vacation-bound flights, the 11-plus hour flight to Tokyo calls for something a little special. I was tempted to buy this mini bar kit, complete with several (TSA-approved) mini flasks, to make Emily and my favorite drinks on the flight: a Negroni for me and a dry Martini for her. - Geoffrey

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.