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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World March_1

1. Laura Mercier Ultra-Longwear Concealer: Between my makeup drawer, cosmetic bags, and car, I probably own 12 different concealers. They all do different things, and I pick and choose which one to use based on what I need most, whether it's full coverage for a pimple, camouflaging under eye circles, or disguising redness. Recently though, I discovered one that tackles everything in an easy-to-use wand formula that I now keep on me at all times. It glides on seamlessly, doesn't settle into creases, and stays put for hours. - Emily 

Our World March_2

2. The Daily Stone: When this arrived in the mail, Jonah asked what it was and I answered as honestly as I could, "The $50 all-natural essential oils moisturizer Naomi Watts told me to buy..." It's pretty out-of-character for me to order anything online, let alone buy something without deliberating over it for weeks, but I was entering my credit card number before I'd even finished watching Naomi go through her favorite natural beauty products. What immediately appealed to me wasn't that I had just run out of lotion (though that helped), but the routine of it. I loved the idea of slowing down post-shower, to carefully remove something from a beautiful wooden box to apply it. It's one of those things you'll either love or hate (after showing it to my boyfriend, he admitted it smelled incredible, but also asked, "If she put a bar of soap in here, would you really know the difference?"), but it's become one of my favorite things. I won't be using mine as Naomi does after every shower, but instead sparingly for "special" occasions, after a relaxing bath or just on my hands before going to bed, to unwind. I purchased mine here, but you can also buy it directly from the maker, Kate McLeod, here. - Leslie

Our World March_3

3. Leather Mouse Pad Mat: Finding a chic mouse pad (i.e., one that doesn't feel like you received it for free from a career fair) is no easy feat. Not to mention, the size alone can be remarkably restricting, especially if you're working on two monitors (as several of our team members do). The hot ticket item as of late in our office are these large-scale mouse pad mats that come in several great colors, but the faded blush is clearly the popular choice. 
- Emily

Our World March_4

4. Studio Ghibli Collector Edition: Although I technically bought this for Sloan, it's really a gift for me too. I've been a fan of Miyazaki since the first time I saw "Castle in the Sky" and I continue to be amazed by his vision and unique storytelling. One of my proudest moments was watching "My Neighbor Totoro" with Sloan and seeing her fascination and joy with a movie that doesn't look or feel like a traditional Disney musical. - Geoffrey

Our World March_5

5. Moment App: Over the past few months, I've cut down significantly on my phone use by making it grey-scale, deleting my Instagram, and downloading the app, Moment. The app tracks the amount of time I use my phone each day, the apps I use most often, and the times of day I picked it up. And let me tell you, it is a scary thing! Even now, when I'm using my phone for what I consider to be a moderate amount of time each day, around one hour total (including using Google Maps to drive home), it reports that I still open my phone 50 to 80 times a day! Talk about a reality check. - Leslie

Our World March_6

6. Downy Wrinkle Spray: While this certainly isn't the coolest item I've ever featured, since I just discovered this product recently, I couldn't not share it. At a shoot a couple of weeks back, we quickly realized the steamer I'd meant to bring from home was still situated by the front door. Luckily our photographer had this wrinkle spray on hand and after just a few spritzes on some particularly stubborn jumpsuit creases, they disappeared almost instantly. The small size is compact enough to throw in a suitcase, making for an ideal travel companion. - Emily  

Our World March_7

7. Jenni Kayne Slides: Before purchasing these shoes, I stalked them for upwards of two years, visiting them at the store at the Brentwood Country Mart more than once. I knew I'd love them, but felt a little ridiculous spending $400 on a pair of slides, so I made a pact with myself: If I didn't buy another pair of shoes for six months, I'd purchase them for myself. Well, that's officially the way I'll be buying shoes from now on since these were so worth the investment and discipline. They're so comfortable, well-made, and beautiful that they go with everything, with just enough of a fun print that they dress up jeans and a t-shirt (my go-to). They feel good and make me feel good! Only problem is I hardly want to take them off now, and puddles have become my sworn enemy. - Leslie

Our World March_8

8. Good Me, Bad Me: Yet another creepy thriller I'm currently reading about a teenage girl, whose mother is a serial killer. We follow Milly's experience with her new foster family as she prepares to face her mother on trial. Though she's clearly haunted by the atrocities she witnessed, you begin to wonder just how different she is from her own murderous mother. - Emily

Our World March_9

9. Package Free Shop: After writing about my nearly waste-free week, so many of you wrote in with recs! One of my favorites was for Package Free Shop, founded by Lauren Singer (of "years' worth of trash in a mason jar" fame). The store sells products to help you reduce waste, from washable cotton pads (instead of tossable cotton balls!) to bamboo straws. It's an approachable starter kit for anyone looking to reduce their waste. - Leslie

Our World March_10

10. 49th Parallel 'Epic Espresso': I've been on an espresso kick since we got a new machine over the holidays. After trying a few different vendors, I've settled on this version from a Vancouver-based roaster. It's light and sweet, with the right amount of acid. It's perfect on its own but is also fantastic in a flat white or latte.- Geoffrey  

Our World March_11

11. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue: I'd heard about this oil for years and always balked at the price of such an expensive hair product. But after I received a bottle as part of a gift recently, I vowed to never be without it in my medicine cabinet. First of all, it smells incredible—every time I put it on G compliments me—and it does a truly fantastic job of taming flyaways while making my hair look sleek and shiny. - Emily

Our World March_12

12. Greetabl: What do you do for a long-distance friend on their birthday? If it's me, I head to a stationery store where I buy an over-priced tchotchke I'm not entirely thrilled about, a $5 greeting card, and candy from CVS, then ship the entire thing for $7 flat rate. By the end of it, I've spent $40 on a gift I'm not even excited to be sending. Greetabl makes the entire process so much easier. All you do is select a cute print for a box, a gift (which range from $3 to $50), write a message, and upload photos, which are turned into stickers on the interior of the box. It's easy, affordable, personal, and lightyears better than a rushed care package. I recently went half-sies on one for a friend living in San Francisco, and it cost us each $15—the process was so painless that I sent three small gifts to girlfriends for Galentine's Day and another to a friend who just learned she's having a baby! - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.