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A monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that we're currently enjoying.
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1. Sansouers Gold Snake Earring. My friend Lainey wore this gorgeous sparkly gold earring to lunch and I could not stop admiring it. My piercing has been through the wringer (no pun intended) and is currently still in a healing phase (I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it doesn't look pretty). I can't wait until it's fully healed and I can swap it out for this tiny bit of mid-ear sparkle - Emily 

2. Formula X The System. As most of you who read this blog know, I am an at-home manicure addict. Due to my collaboration with Formula X, I got introduced to their "The System," which I am now fully hooked on. It's a cleanse coat, base coat, and top coat that's supposed to keep nails looking shiny and fresh for twice as long, and the wear I get out of my manis is insane. The cleanse coat removes oil so that the base coat adheres better, resulting in a snowball effect that makes color last for days. -Emily 


3. Away Suitcase - After a year of not doing much traveling, I've been dying to head out on some family adventures, however, my 20 year-old carry-on needed an upgrade. Considering it had a broken wheel, torn interior and basically looked like it had been through a wood chipper, almost any replacement would suffice, but I'm really happy with this version from Away. It's super light, comes with a rechargeable battery and ports to plug in your mobile devices, and their direct-to-consumer sales model cuts out the retail price markup. - G

4. Chasing Paper. This genius company makes removable wallpaper and stickers. I came across it on the hunt to decorate our office bathroom, which is a pretty sad little space with no special components, molding, or natural light. I was initially going to do the speckled wallpaper, which I adore-as an accent wall; but decided to do these crosses. It adds such a fun, cheery little pop and I appreciate how the randomness of the pattern you create (since you can put them anywhere) ends up looking really custom. You can see how ours looks here. -Emily 


5. Diptyque Muguet Candle. As soon as the weather turned somewhat spring-like, I started searching for a light floral candle to indulge in. I honestly thought I had smelled every candle in the Diptyque catalogue so I was surprised and delighted to discover this stunning Lily of the Valley scent at their Larchmont store. I've been lighting it daily and almost every guest that has come through our home has remarked on the intoxicating scent. -Emily 

6. Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Brow Pencil. Alina gushed over this brow pencil in her beauty bag post, and the other day she had it laying out in our office bathroom while shooting her denim piece. I couldn't resist giving it a spin and fell in love. The pencil is just so thin that the strokes end up looking impossibly natural. I stopped into Larchmont Beauty Supply the next day and bought it for myself. - Emily 


7. Soothe. I love "on demand" services, from Instacart to Uber. There's pretty much an app for anything you'd need to get done, and I really enjoy the simplicity of this massage app. You chose your style, length, and whether you prefer male/female massage therapist and they bring everything to your location. Nothing revolutionary, but the skill level and quality of the therapists I've encountered so far has been exceptional and the tip is already included in the price. - G 

8. Rejuvination Wall Mounted Skull Bottle Opener. I snagged this cool skull bottle opener at a boutique in Venice for the office. I think it will be fun to have a stationary wall-mounted opener, whether for having Mexican Cokes with tacos at lunch, or cracking open a few beers when we're working late on a Friday evening. I like that the cast iron black skull offsets the pretty pink feminine elements in our office. -Alina 


9. Port Products Skin Renewing Facial Scrub - I really hate to shave, but as I've gotten older, I've noticed my skin has become more sensitive when I grow my beard out. One of the keys to an effective (i.e. less irritating, fewer in-growns) shave is prepping your face with a good scrub. There are dozens available, and after trying a few, I've settled on this version from Port Products. It uses crushed walnut shells and glycolic acid to remove old skin, doesn't have a strong scent, and is gentle enough to use a few times a week. - G

10 Zwift - Cycling is my preferred method of cardio these days and while I prefer to take a few hours and ride around the hills in LA, I usually have to reserve that for the weekends. Luckily, Em got me an indoor trainer for the holidays, which allowed me to tap into this virtual environment, where you can ride with others, in real-time, along famous routes. It's not a replacement for hitting the open road, but it definitely makes riding a stationary bike less monotonous. - G


11. Death Valley Flowers. My uncle recently visited the breathtakingly beautiful blooming flowers in Death Valley and said the phenomenon is something that almost never happens, and should not be missed. Me, Alina, and Christina are thinking about making a day trip out of it. - Emily 

12. Vinyl. As a music fanatic, I'd been hearing hype about this new Martin Scorsese-directed HBO television show for some time. It's takes place in New York in the '70s at the height of the rock n'roll era, and centers around a music manager and the record label he's built. Everyone in L.A. was talking about it the day after the premier aired (I was at the gym and my whole class was discussing how the first episode alone was rumored to have cost $30 million to produce. $30 million dollars!). I was riveted watching it - the star, Bobby Cannavale's transcendent acting is the highlight for me; he's utterly phenomenal. I love seeing plot lines that revolve around the way music moves people, and can't wait for more. -Alina 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.