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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World June_1

Revamp Elton John Covers: I've always been a fan of Elton John, but not in the sense that I'll actually listen to his records on repeat. But that all changed once I heard Revamp, a covers album sung by some of my favorite contemporary artists (Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Florence + The Machine, The Killers, etc.). All of the tracks are great, but it's 'I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues' that's been on repeat (seriously, ask G) since I discovered it. - Emily

Additional resources: Cat measuring cups, Food52 mugs (no longer available), Food52 Moroccan glasses, hand-painted mugs from Vietnam, matcha whisk, O-M ceramic mugs (on sill: Food52 wood dipping bowls)

Additional resources: Cat measuring cups, Food52 mugs (no longer available), Food52 Moroccan glasses, hand-painted mugs from Vietnam, matcha whisk, O-M ceramic mugs (on sill: Food52 wood dipping bowls)

O-M Ceramics Mug: There are a lot of stores in L.A. that have curated, locally sourced, 'artisan-made' goods. Most of them carry a planter that looks like this and bundles of palo santo wood at the register. They're all fun to peruse, but after a while, they all start to look indistinguishable. Individual Medley, on the other hand, definitely has the 'artisan' thing going on, but is also full of unique beautiful products I want to buy every time I'm in there—which is at least once week, since it's down the street from my favorite bakery. I recently caved and purchased two 'Sprinkles' Mugs by O-M Ceramics. They're the perfect size for a large tea mug and look right at home on the open shelves in my kitchen (see photo above!). - Leslie

Our World June_3

KitchenTableApp: A reader who came to our office Quilt event started this amazing app that revolves around hosting or joining meals as a way to get to know people. I'm planning to go to an event (and eventually host!), because this is exactly how I want to grow community and be spending my evenings. - Marilynn 

Our World June_4

OXO Good Grips Mini Measuring Beaker Set: I've owned this set for a while, but ever since we did the whole KonMari session on our kitchen, I've rediscovered my love and usage of them. Whether it's making a cocktail or getting precise measurement for baking, this little set is ideal for those who like precision, or molecular cooking. - Geoffrey

Our World June_5

Raincry Brush: I'd happily been using my old round brush for blow-outs, blissfully unaware of just how lackluster it had become after countless uses. It wasn't until I tried the Rain Cry brush that I realized what I'd been missing. It grips my hair in a way that creates serious tension—the kind responsible for creating the sleekiest, bounciest blow outs—that I became an immediate convert and have since been using it exclusively. - Emily

Our World June_6

SimpliSafe Security System: One of my favorite things about my apartment is also one of my least-favorite things. There are enormous windows on all four sides, which are stunning during the day, but always make me feel vulnerable at night. Because we're renting, I thought it would be impossible or enormously inconvenient to install an alarm system—until I came across SimpliSafe. After answering a few questions about my home's layout online, I received an extremely easy-to-install security system that makes me feel that much more at peace when I'm home alone (I listen to way too much My Favorite Murder) or traveling. - Leslie

Our World June_7

IKEA Skubb Box Set: While organizing our home with Tricia recently (which you can read more about here and here), she introduced me to the IKEA Skubb box set, a product that has legitimately changed my life. It's a set of six white boxes in varying that arrive flat (so convenient for keeping them on hand without taking up room!) and can easily be zipped and popped up to reveal flexible containers for a variety of needs (corralling hair tools, holding tea bags, organizing computer cords, etc.). It's safe to say they're now in use in literally every room of our house and I've never been happier (or more organized). - Emily

Our World June_8

The Shell House Seltzer: I fell prey to classic grocery store marketing when I purchased this at the checkout counter at Trader Joe’s. It had cute packaging, cost $1 per can, and was within arm’s reach. I didn’t expect to like it but I ended up loving it for a couple reasons: It’s not too sweet, it’s refreshing like La Croix (but alcoholic!), and gluten-free (it’s a great beer-alternative at parties). I prefer the Pomegranate flavor but the Meyer Lemon is a close second.- Marilynn

Our World June_9

Head On by John Scalzi: This is the sequel to a quick, sci-fi read from a few years ago, Lock In. I won't go too far into the premise because it's easier to read and understand, but if you like murder-mysteries, with a mix of technology and a little humor, this is a great summer book. - Geoffrey

Our World June_10

Oribe Feather Balm Ultra-Light Cream: I’m still struggling to tame my semi-new haircut and color. In addition to oiliness, I have a lot of flyaways lately. Whenever I apply a little amount of this hair cream to the areas that need taming, my flyaways, well, fly away completely. Bonus points: It smells great.- Marilynn

Our World June_11

Flow Hive: I recently went to a friend's parents' house to harvest honey from their hive and was amazed when the entire 'harvesting' process consisted of putting a tube into the hive and twisting a knob (as opposed to harvesting it from combs). It's a fairly new technology that makes beekeeping infinitely easier. While the hive is fairly expensive, my friends and I are talking about saving up to pre-order the newest version of the FlowHive to start a shared hive in Echo Park this year! (Beekeeping advice and expertise welcome!)- Leslie

Our World June_12

Bite Lip Mask: I'm embarrassed to admit that I rarely apply lip balm throughout the day because at any given time, I'm usually only a few minutes away from a snack/drink/meal, which defeats the purpose. But I'm religious about putting it on right before bed and Bite's lip mask (which has such an appealing ring to it, no?) is my new favorite. It glides on easily with a pleasant scent that's unassuming and delivers serious results by morning. Best news: It also comes in several easy-to-wear sheer colors for daytime that several girls in our office now swear by. - Emily

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.