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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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Our World JUNE 1-2-01

1. The Boys of My Youth by Jo Ann Beard: I'm not usually one for short stories (with the exception of David Sedaris), but when my friend Rachel, who's a voracious reader, said this was her favorite book of 2016, I knew I had to try it. It was nostalgic and beautiful and I savored each word she wrote. Such a special book. - Emily

2. Glossier Invisible Shield: I'm always looking for smart ways to cut down on my morning beauty routine (I'm talking five minutes between toweling off and out-the-door). One of my favorite ways to do this is by using two-in-one products. This new watergel from Glossier combines serum with sun protection (it's 35 SPF!)—two products that are nonnegotiable for me. I also love that it's at a great price point (it's $35, while most serums hover around $60 or even $80), it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated that I rarely feel like I need additional moisturizer in the morning, and applies without leaving any greasy residue or white tint. It also has a really nice subtle lemony scent and the packaging makes it easy to throw in my bag when I'm heading to the beach or on a hike and in need of re-application! - Leslie

Our World JUNE 3-4-01

3. NikeLab Air Force 1 Jewel Swoosh Leather Sneakers: I have a general rule that the only colors/tones I wear are black, white, gray, and blue, but there's something about these blush-toned Air Force 1's that are changing my thoughts on incorporating color into my wardrobe. They strike the right balance of classic design with an on trend color and are a great summer sneaker. - Geoffrey

4. Joymode Outdoor Movie Night Rental: I tend to have lofty goals each season with all of the things I want to do, but often times hit roadblocks once I realize how much time/energy/planning is involved. I've been wanting to host an outdoor movie night for years, but the idea of purchasing all of the items was a lot to commit to, in case it turned out to be something I didn't love. Joymode is a experiential service where you rent what you need (whether it's gear to host an outdoor movie night, a camping trip, or pool party), all of which is delivered (and then picked up). Bring on the classic movies and popcorn! - Emily

Our World JUNE 5-6-01

5. Training Peaks Plans: Whether you're preparing for your first marathon, tackling a triathlon, or simply want to improve your cycling stats, this service offers a number of plans designed by expert coaches. The platform drills down into every aspect of training, from logging workouts and data analysis and is compatible with over 100 devices. If you want to get serious about your next challenge, this is a great way to prepare. - Geoffrey

6. Aero Press: Before I bought an Aero Press, I used my Nespresso machine (with refillable pods) almost every day, but I missed the routine of making a cup of coffee, not to mention sipping a full cup throughout the morning (rather than the shot of weak espresso my machine spit out). Before buying a machine or kit, I wrote down my requirements: It had to make a full, good cup of coffee, not be too time consuming, and create one cup since my boyfriend doesn't drink coffee. After weighing all of my options, I finally purchased an Aero Press and couldn't be happier with it. Sure, it isn't as sleek and beautiful as a Chemex (which I eliminated for being too time-consuming), or as appealing as an automated machine (which is much better at making a full pot of coffee), but it's quick, easy, and is the perfect addition to my mornings . - Leslie

Our World JUNE 7-8-01

7. Rodial Self Tanner: In recent years I've grown increasingly wary of self tanners, since a lot of them (including Tan Towels, which I used to use religiously) are packed with chemicals that are terrible for your skin. But after I saw Cristina for a beach trip a couple of weeks back, where she was sporting a seriously impressive tan, I reconsidered my strategy. Though I'm still not pumped on the idea of putting self tanner on my face, the Rodial self tanner that she'd used on her legs looked amazing: The color was realistic and not orange and so far from streaky that I assumed she'd spent a ton of time in the sun. I look forward to complementing my newly bronzed legs with a poppy pedicure and neutral sandals.

8. Port Products Hair Putty: This has become my go-to styling product. The matte finish and medium weight provide great hold and texture and it works on every type of hair. - Geoffrey

Our World JUNE 9-10-01

9. Bryr Clogs in 'Chloe Close-Toed, Blush Nubuk': A few weeks ago, I went to the Echo Park Crafts fair, and while I'd had high hopes, I completely struck out. The only thing that caught my eye—and that I haven't been able to stop thinking about since—was the Bryr Clogs stand. The brand is based in San Francisco, but they had samples available to try on. As soon as I slipped on this style, I fell in love. While I can't quite justify the cost of them at the moment (which, after researching, I learned is in line with what good hand-made clogs cost) I'm planning on purchasing them in the fall. They're so comfortable, beautiful, and sleek. Plus they'd give my usual skinny-jeans and tee-shirt uniform a leg-up. - Leslie

10. 60 Minutes segment on phone addiction: I recently watched a 60 Minutes segment about how spending time on your phone is just as addictive as drugs. And it struck a chord—I've found that even when I just have 90 seconds of wait time (if I'm grabbing coffee), I will never just sit there doing nothing, I'll always whip out my phone. It's something that we have been talking about a lot, especially since we want to be good role models for Sloan, and have been making subtle changes throughout the day to become more aware of just how reliant we are on technology. Sometimes making small adjustments is enough to help kick an unhealthy addiction. - Emily

Our World JUNE 11-12-01

11. Heart Roasters Ethiopia Gedeb: We've been buying this coffee for almost a year and it's one of the best beans we've ever tried. While Ethiopian beans are a constant in our home, this particular roast has a complexity and richness that we haven't found anywhere else. We're lucky they carry it in our local coffee shop, but you can order it online. - Geoffrey

12. You & Yours Distilling Co.: Even in the few years since I've been introduced to San Diego, my boyfriend's hometown, so many great shops, restaurants, and bars have opened. One of the bars I've been most excited about is You & Yours Distilling Co., and not only because it's one of the few woman-founded distilleries in a male dominant field! I haven't had a chance to visit yet in person, but I've been making cocktails from a bottle of their Sunday Gin all summer (which is so cute, I almost don't want to finish it), and can't wait to saddle up to their sun-soaked bar after a distillery tour. How's that for a perfect San Diego afternoon? (After catching some gnar waves, of course.) - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.