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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World June_1_2.png

1. Movie Night at Big Bar: When I learned that this outdoor bar-café is showing Titanic in June, I knew I had to go. It combines three of my true loves: movies, summer weather, and Leo in this film. It also doesn’t hurt that the tickets are free and they serve themed dinner and cocktails. - Emily

2. Summer Water Rosé: Last week, I was overwhelmed with the rosé selection at my local wine shop. I just wanted something that tasted like rosé but was light enough that it went down like water, so when I saw this label it felt like they were reading my mind! I found out later that it’s a collaboration behind Club W and the social media masterminds behind the hashtag #yeswayrosé and it couldn’t be a more perfect summer drink. - Alina

Our World June_3_4.png

3. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro: One of the most challenging parts of shooting outfits is that we shoot with natural light outside. Especially in the summer, this means we’re under harsh sunlight that can make a white blouse look glaringly bright, and show every flaw in my makeup. Not only does this mirror simulate the light of the sun, allowing me to see my foundation better than my dim bathroom fixture would ever allow, but its iOS app tracks lighting in the places I frequent so I can adjust it accordingly. - Emily

4. The Girls by Emma Cline: Even though this book, which follows a girl in a Manson-like cult, didn’t come out until just last week, I’ve seen it around for months. Cline’s alleged $2 million book deal—despite the fact that it’s her first novel—started the buzz, and though I’m only halfway through it, I can already understand the hype. I’m trying to save the end for a trip to the beach this weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold out that long. - Leslie

Our World June_5_6.png

5. Gboard Keyboard: Google’s new keyboard for iOS does everything I wish my normal keyboard would do, seamlessly. The ability to search GIFS and emojis, and even embed searches for restaurants and weather reports into texts are all built-in so I can communicate that much faster. - Geoffrey

6. RMS Beauty Master Mixer: Our editorial intern Katharine, whose skin is so beautiful it actually looks like she’s glowing from within, recommended this product to me. I ordered it immediately and as promised, it creates the perfect rose-gold tint. I’ve been blending it in over luminizer on my cheeks and lips, but it’s buildable so it even works as a barely-there eye shadow. - Alina

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7. Coyuchi Mediterranean Beach Towels: These towels, inspired by traditional Turkish khadi, are the perfect solution for the beach. They’re absorbent, but lightweight so that sand doesn’t clump to them and are made from dyed organic cotton. They’re also large enough that I can bring just one for the family. - Emily

8. Alfred Tea Room: I moved to Los Angeles just over a month ago so I don’t know all of the “it” places yet, but the hundreds of adorable pink wall photos that popped up on my Instagram last month tipped me off to the brand-new Alfred Tea Room. As it turns out, their matcha bubble tea is as delicious as it is cute—I’ve made the trek to West Hollywood for it several times since my first. - Leslie

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9. The Night Manager Miniseries: Based on an espionage novel by John le Carré, this six-part miniseries follows the story of a former British soldier who’s recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of an arms dealer. The cast is perfect, the cinematography stunning, and each episode is tension-filled hour that moves quickly so it’s a perfect series to get into while primetime shows take their summer break. - Geoffrey

10. ORLY Removal Base Coat: Once in awhile, all I want to do is rock a glittery pink nail polish for a night out—until I remember the hours it will take me to remove it and replace it with a more subtle choice the next morning. This basecoat from ORLY allows me to paint on glitter, then peel it off the next morning without hurting my nails. Genius, right? - Leslie

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11. By Chloe: Every time I go to New York, I make a point of going to By Chloe, a vegan restaurant that specializes in (stick with me here) tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut "burgers." The first West Coast location just opened at the new Whole Foods 365 in Silver Lake, so if you need me anytime soon, I'll be there by the sweet potato fries. - Alina

12. E Stud Earring from Steven Alan: These mini letters from Steven Alan are so tiny they look like a plain gold stud from far away, but reveal their letter up close. Right now I’m trying to decide whether to get an E for Emily or an S for Sloan. I might need more piercings… - Emily

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.