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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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Our World JULY 1-2-01

1. BeatX Headphones: Lately, I've been trying to alternate between hip hop classes with running (I've realized that a cancelled class isn't an excuse not to work out at all). Since my favorite part about the dance class is the music, G purchased these headphones to help keep me motivated to run. They're wireless, so I don't get tangled-up (a pet peeve of mine), and the hooks fit around my ears to keep them securely in place. - Emily

2. Midi Skirts: This is far from ground-breaking, but I’ve rediscovered midi skirts and wrap dresses this summer. Since I usually stray from short-short dresses (I like wearing something I can move around in!), they’re the perfect breezy, summertime alternative. I love that they’re unapologetically feminine, which makes it even more fun to pair them with beat-up sneakers and a denim jacket. I recently picked this red one up from & Other Stories and have had my eye on this one from Reformation. - Leslie

Our World JULY 3-4-01

3. Copper Cow Vietnamese Portable Pour-Over Coffee: When I talk about my friend Debbie, who I've known since our days of high school band (I rocked the flute while she held down the French horn section), it's almost always to recommend the shallot oil she developed—you may remember our post on using it to create Bánh Mì Bites. Her latest venture, which she dreamt up on a trip to Vietnam, is a Vietnamese coffee that comes in convenient portable pour-over packs. Sourced from sustainable farms in the highlands of Vietnam, it's already made its way into G and my morning ritual—and is even more luxurious served with condensed milk. - Emily

4. Halide Camera App: While the standard camera controls on an iPhone are sufficient for nearly any photo, this app gives you pro level tools, like ISO and shutter control, manual focusing, and the option to shoot in RAW. I've been using it for a few weeks and it's made such a difference in the quality of the shots I've taken. - Geoffrey

Our World JUNE 5-6-01

5. Jenny’s Print Shop: My “gallery wall" is still very much in progress, and by that I mean it’s home to two prints and this racket (which you may remember from a past Our World!). I’ve been looking to add more to it, and in my research I came across this website by blogger Jenny Komenda. The site sells high-res prints for $15, which you can download then get printed yourself (which only costs about $9). It’s far less than a store-bought print would cost, even after a frame, and I love the options she has. I’m currently considering this one and this one. - Leslie

6. Varley Activewear: When it comes to activewear, I definitely veer towards simple options, like a boxy white top and black leggings. While I still stay away from a lot of color in my workout uniform, I recently discovered the brand Varley, which has some great basics, but also leggings and bras with subtle prints—like marble and snakeskin—that I can totally get behind. In picking an activewear brand to launch the Shop with, Varley was a total no-brainer. Not to mention, this cut-out sweatshirt is the perfect thing to throw on post-class. - Emily

Our World JULY 7-8-01

7. Function of Beauty Shampoos: After years of using the same shampoo (Costco-sized bottles of Pantene), I decided to branch out and see what I was missing. Since I didn’t know exactly what that was, per se, I let Function of Beauty do the leg-work for me from their short online “hair quiz.” After answering a few questions about my hair type (is “oily and stringy” a type?) and scent (eucalyptus!), two bottles arrived in the mail with my name printed on them. While the conditioner took some trial and error (the first one they sent me was too heavy—I have extremely fine hair), I'm thrilled with the final formula. - Leslie

8. Netflix Travelers: A perfect binge-worthy series, this approachable drama focuses on a group of people, living 100 years in the future, whose consciousnesses are sent back to the present day, into the bodies of people that are about to die. They are tasked with stopping a dystopian future and while the premise seems heavy, the cast and storylines keep it fun and energetic. If you're looking for something you can tear through in two or three days, give this a watch. - Geoffrey

Our World JULY 9-10-01

9. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: I'm constantly experimenting with new masks and beauty products to help me combat dry skin, and this "sleeping mask," which is more of a super-concentrated gel, is a recent favorite. The mask works by retaining moisture—and whatever products you use underneath it. The several times I've used it, I've applied it right before bed, and have noticed that my skin looks noticeably more refreshed and bright in the morning. It doesn't hurt that it smells amazing—the sandalwood and rose scent remind me of some of my favorite candles. - Emily

10. Speedplay: There’s pretty much nothing I love more than my early morning runs, but sometimes it’s fun to shake things up and get a little cross-training in. Lately, I’ve been heading to Speedplay in Downtown L.A., which combines cardio and strength training into an exhausting, but rewarding hour. It’s expensive so I only go once or twice a week, at most, but they make sure you get your bang for your buck. Every time I leave, I feel like I couldn’t run one more step or lift one more weight—they make sure you work hard! - Leslie

Our World JULY 11-12-01

11. It Comes at Night: I'm a sucker for any terror movie, and this one, starring Joel Edgerton and Christopher Abbott (from Girls), looks particularly good. Based on the trailer and reviews, it looks like it builds slowly through unexpected twists and, most surprisingly, has a great score—we're planning on sneaking away on a Friday afternoon soon so we can catch it. - Emily

12. Water-Proof Espadrilles: My best friend has a pair of water shoes that we affectionately refer to as her “adventure shoes.” She brings them on hikes and to the beach (because we somehow always find a rock to jump off of, or cliffs to climb) and swears by them. Since I have a couple of adventurous trips coming up—including Olympic National Park and Vietnam!—I’ve been eyeing these waterproof espadrilles, as a cuter, travel-friendly version. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.