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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World January_1

1. Dark Series: Over the holidays, I asked for some new binge-worthy show recommendations and the one that kept popping up (given my propensity for scary, slightly creepy content) was 'Dark.' I liken it to Stranger-Things-meets-It (only because children go missing in a sequential pattern—there are zero clowns) and it was entirely addicting. Mind you, it's a German show so you can either choose from slightly awkward dubbing or subtitles, which we ended up doing. There are lots of characters to keep track of, but it's smart and unnerving and endlessly entertaining. - Emily

Our World January_2

2. Parachute Linen Bedding: Three years ago, I moved into my first apartment and furnished my entire room using one guiding principle: It had to fit into my intern-in-NYC budget. As a result, I’ve been sleeping on what’s essentially IKEA burlap sheets. Over the holidays, I finally made the leap and upgraded to the sheets of my dreams. Parachute's linen sheets are soft and breathable, but also make my bed look like a cloud, and make my bedroom infinitely more inviting. As someone who’s suffered from chronic insomnia my entire life, I truly underestimated the value of turning my bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep. I can’t think of another purchase I’ve made that’s made such a positive influence on my health. - Leslie

Our World January_3

3. Byredo Room Spray in ‘Tree House’: My mom has always loved scent and perfume, so for special events, she’ll buy new perfumes so that every time she wears it, she’ll be reminded of the original event. When I gave birth to Sloan, she bought me Byredo’s ‘Inflorescence,’ which I lovingly call my “Sloanie scent,” and makes me think of her everytime I wear it. When I went to Byredo over break to purchase another bottle, I smelled their room sprays and instantly fell in love with this one. It smells unlike any other room spray, with a slightly woodsy, leather scent. I spritz roughly ten sprays every morning, and the entire house smells beautiful for the rest of the day. - Emily

Our World January_4

4. Gametime App: I first discovered this app when a couple of friends planned a last-minute night at the Dodger's game. We didn't have tickets but found amazing seats within minutes and I've since made this my go-to solution for any event. It covers sports, concerts and theater shows, so the next time you don't plan ahead, this app has you covered. - Geoffrey

Our World January_5

5. Everlane Crop Leg Pants: I’ve always loved the concept of Everlane, which carries ethically-produced and affordable clothing, but never purchased anything from them since they don’t have a store in L.A. Over the holidays, I visited their San Francisco store and fell in love with their crop leg pants, which I bought in the color ‘Surplus.’ They’re a nearly identical, far more affordable version of the Jesse Kamm ‘Sailor Pants,’ and are so versatile and perfect for busy days. Consider them my new uniform: I already have plans to buy two more pairs, in different colors! - Leslie

Our World January_6

6. Smitten Kitchen Lasagna Bolognese: G and I aren't big New Year's Eve people, but even though we typically stay home, we still like to make the night feel celebratory with a great meal and a good bottle of Champagne. A few weeks back we attempted Smitten Kitchen's Lasagna Bolognese, which I'd heard was quite the endeavor from Rachel, who'd made it on multiple occasions. She warned me that it took the better part of a day, which it did (and we even took a shortcut by buying pre-made, albeit fresh, lasagna noodles), but the results were well worth the effort. It made for a quintessential New Year's Eve dinner that felt both indulgent and delicious and will definitely be on our radar for future special occasions. - Emily

Our World January_7

7. Oloves: You know those stores where you go in expecting to buy one thing, and always leave spending half a paycheck? That’s me with REI. Last week, my boyfriend and I went in for a camping stove and left with a foldable table for our tent, a solar-powered lantern, and about ten other things... But the thing I was most excited about, randomly, were olives! (REI has a surprisingly great snack aisle, since they carry tons of camping-friendly foods.) I now keep these little packs of spiced green pitted olives at my desk for afternoon snacks—they’re incredibly briny and delicious and come in four different flavors. My favorite is the Lemon and Rosemary flavor! - Leslie

Our World January_8

8. The Home Edit Instagram: Though I'm perhaps the single most disorganized person you'll ever meet (I hide it well), I have a weak spot for following people with a knack for orderliness. The Home Edit Instagram account has quickly become one of my go-to spots for inspiration thanks to their ability to make any situation look neat and gorgeous, thanks to easy-to-borrow ideas with a focus on bright colors. - Emily

Our World January_9

9. Loom: To be clear, I’m not anywhere close to having a baby or even thinking about having a baby, but this place is too cool not to post about here. While Loom’s focus is to create “a community that supports people throughout the reproductive, pregnancy and parenting experience,” they also have plenty of programming on general fitness and mental health. I recently sat in for a short meditation class and loved it—plus the environment is so beautiful, it was just a lovely space to spend time in! - Leslie

Our World January_10

10. HQ Live Trivia Gameshow: By now, pretty much everyone has heard (or played) this additive online trivia game, and our office is equally obsessed. We've gotten pretty far, but haven't won yet, which is my goal for 2018.- Geoffrey

Our World January_11

11. Mud Australia: G and I decided not to do a bunch of smaller gifts this year for the holidays, instead focusing on one major update for our household: the Breville Oracle Touch (it's a big investment though it's quickly become our single favorite thing in our kitchen). That being said, I loved the idea of a little refresh when it came to our coffee cups and became immediately smitten with Mud Australia's minimalistic, simple designs. I went with the duck egg shade for latte and espresso cups and seeing the gorgeous blue color makes me happy each morning I use them for my Flat Whites.

Our World January_12

12. Tile Mate: I’ve been meaning to invest in a key and wallet tracker since these came out years ago, but it wasn’t until last week, when I essentially had a mini-meltdown when I thought I’d lost my wallet and realized how hugely inconvenient that would be, that I finally bought one. The tile links to my phone via bluetooth so that it tells me its last known location and I can click “Wallet” in the app to make it ring, which would have been hugely helpful when it was under my front car seat while I tore my entire house apart. (I also bought one for my boyfriend as a “Thank you” for dealing with said meltdown—I was a little dramatic.) - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.