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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

1. Digital Detox Bath: One of my favorite activities is taking baths—maybe because, as a mother and a business owner, it’s one of the only times I’m truly able to decompress alone. Over the holidays, I had a never-ending cold and we ran out of hot water for several days (including Christmas), so I was long overdue for a luxurious bath. This salt-clay mixture is a splurge, but it smells delicious and I felt noticeably better and more relaxed after one long soak. It was exactly the reboot I needed after slew of cold showers. - Emily

2. Parachute Hotel in Venice: This hotel in the heart of Venice is a staycation dream. I'm planning a visit there with my boyfriend so we can soak up the vibes on the west side and enjoy the airy room just a short walk from Abbot Kinney. I've heard it's a no-brainer for anyone visiting L.A.—or east siders who could use a weekend by the beach. - Alina


3. Andrew Rea’s Youtube Cooking Channel: This cooking channel recreates famous dishes from shows and movies, like the pasta sauce from Goodfellas, Thanksgiving sandwich from Friends, and even the “breakfast pasta” from Elf. There’s something so oddly appealing about watching a step-by-step guide to movie favorites. - Geoffrey

4. Simone LeBlanc Gift Box: Over the holidays, I spent a lot of time with family—staying in their homes, eating their food, and, of course, enjoying their company. Nothing was expected in return, but I felt so grateful that I wanted to send something to an aunt I stayed with in San Francisco and my boyfriend’s dad who shared a special bottle of wine in honor of our visit. I looked for a token of gratitude that was thoughtful without completely breaking the bank, and this $50 box from Simone LeBlanc fit that bill perfectly. - Leslie


5. Odette Williams Kid’s Apron Set: Sloan’s most prized possession is the kitchen set she received this Christmas. She uses it to make us "coffee" in the morning and "sandwiches" with her wooden food, and this apron set—complete with mini kitchen tools—is the perfect addition to her kitchen. - Emily

6. Jarrow-Dophilus Formula stomach probiotic: This isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but I have a really sensitive stomach, as I’m sure many women out there do. Doctor after doctor has recommended a probiotic for me, but I’ve found it impossible to adjust to them since they’re harsh on stomachs despite the benefits they bring. I stopped into a natural health food store in Los Feliz in pursuit of one and a staff member recommended this. It’s been so great—I’ve had zero issues adjusting and I feel that it’s improving my overall health. - Alina


7. BECCA Under-Eye Brightening Corrector: I recently bought this after I had a bout of several nights of not being able to sleep properly and luckily it works wonders on under-eye circles. For me, it does the job especially well when I applied tinted moisturizer on top, though it worked alone too. - Leslie

8. Google Photo Scan: I make digital copies of print whenever possible. It’s cleaner and more practical to have everything organized on a computer or online, especially in a world where most paperwork and images are shared digitally. Over the holidays, I used this app from Google to create enhanced digital scans of print images we had filed away and it made impressive digital replicas so that I was able to recycle some of the originals. - Geoffrey


9. Porcelain Dessert Plates (Set of 4): Earlier this month, I went to dinner at a friend’s house, and for dessert, she pulled out these porcelain plates. They felt so elegant and perfect for something small, like a cookie or slice of a tart, that I immediately asked her where she found them so I could buy a set for my own home. - Emily

10. “Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered” embroidered hoop: I bought this embroidered hoop after getting lost in an Instagram hole of contemporary embroidered art. A hoop with an unconventional phrase or image embroidered into it is such a fun detail to add to a gallery or small wall space that would be overwhelmed by a full print. I love this hoop’s cheeky phrase because it’s the catchphrase of the podcast Emily and I are both obsessed with, My Favorite Murder, and stands alone as a hilarious piece of obvious life advice that’s far from a needlepointed “Home Sweet Home.” - Leslie


11. Sachajuan Body Wash: Ever since I started using this body wash in my morning shower, I swear I’ve felt more awake. The ginger-floral scent from this cult Swedish brand is so invigorating I basically want to live in it, and my skin has felt summer-soft instead of winter-dry. - Alina

12. I’m far from what you would call a “sneakerhead,” but I do think that sneakers are one of the few accessories (outside of a leather briefcase or watch), that guys can get creative with. This website unites online sneaker stores onto one platform so that it’s easier than ever to find specific styles and discover new trends.- Geoffrey

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.