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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

1. The Grownup by Gillian Flynn: I’m a pretty big fan of Gillian Flynn (I read her three novels, including Gone Girl, in the span of a week), but I didn’t realize until recently that she’d written a short story as well. Inspired by classic ghost stories—and without giving too much away—it's about an aura-reader who's hired by a mysterious client. It’s only 50 pages, so you can read it in about an hour—which you’ll want to do since it’s nearly impossible to put down. - Emily

2. Garmin Forerunner Watch: I rely fairly heavily on my phone when I run—it provides tunes and tells me my pace and distance each mile. But as I’ve been training for the L.A. Marathon, my runs have gotten longer and are starting to outlast my phone’s battery power (it’s no fun when your phone clicks off during the final mile of your run). To combat this issue, I’ve started tracking my pace and distance on this watch and just playing music from my phone, which is way more battery life-friendly—and I’ve been delightfully surprised at how accurate the watch is! - Leslie


3. The Staircase: When I listened to the first episode of the podcast My Favorite Murder, they mentioned this addictive docu-series and I googled it and started immediately. My boyfriend and I got hooked from the first instant, and I stayed up way too late (3 in the morning) to finish it in two nights. It's an award-winning piece of work from a French filmmaker who somehow got mindblowing access to a North Carolina man accused of murdering his wife, as he and his family live through the trial and new evidence surfaces live on screen. You sort of experience things through the eyes of his lawyer as he works to defend his client and learns things at the same time we do. It's a fascinating glimpse into the work process of criminal defense attorneys, our legal system, and the effects of a high-profile trial on a family.- Alina

4. Spoon Clip: This measuring spoon-clip hybrid is a perfect example of how a simple, creative design can solve a small but pervasive problem by always having a measuring spoon for coffee on hand. The clip keeps the bag fresh, while also ensuring that the spoon is in a secured place so it never gets lost. - Geoffrey


5. Modern Citizen: The first time I came across Modern Citizen was at a pop-up at Row DTLA. I almost didn’t walk in because all of the clothes looked so beautiful, but so expensive that I didn’t want to tempt myself. The first thing I did after entering the store was check a price tag and to my delight, items were surprisingly affordable for the quality. I left with a perfect-for-work rust orange top (available here in navy!) and about a million other things on my wish list. - Leslie

6. Flint: Of all of the random things you'll find in my purse, this latest addition is one of the most practical. It's a mini, retractable lint roller with a sleek design. It's perfect for those mornings when I get to the office only to realize my wool sweater shed all over my black slacks.- Alina


7. Klorane Dry Shampoo: I’ve recently been taking dance classes a few mornings per week, which I love for the rush of endorphins they give me as well as the social aspect (it’s the best workout to do with friends!). The only downside is that, while I don’t get so sweaty that I have to wash immediately after, it definitely leaves my locks a little limp. This dry shampoo with nettle does an amazing job of making my hair look fresh again. - Emily

8. Rapha Cycling Club: I recently joined this cycling club, which creates a community for road bikers around the world. While they’re still securing a location for a clubhouse on the westside of L.A., there are regular destination rides and monthly social events that make me excited to ride each week. - Geoffrey


9. Resident: I recently went to this bar/venue in the Arts District for a concert and it felt like a well-kept secret. On a Tuesday night, at least, it was fairly empty with plenty of available seats by their outdoor fire pits, which is where I enjoyed a beer and taco before heading into the smaller bar that serves as their concert venue. I’ll definitely be returning soon. - Leslie

10. Kevyn Aucoin Eye Gloss in ‘Moonlight’: I saw this on Instagram (where else?) and I love the idea of a glossy lid, pale pink lip, and messy hair. This one is particularly beautiful because it can be worn over eyeshadow, to create a high-shine effect, or on its own as a pretty, shimmery nude eye. Just looking at that image above makes me moony for the product. It's so luscious and delicious-looking. - Alina


11. The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook: This new cookbook, based off of an original 1961 book of the same title, includes beautifully illustrated recipes from some of the biggest contemporary artists, authors and actors, including Ed Ruscha, James Franco, and Marcel Duchamp. It’s as delightful to page through as it is to cook from. - Geoffrey

12. Lemon And Honey Ginger Soother: Ever since a cold knocked me out in December, I’ve been extra careful about avoiding a second one. G picked up this “ginger shot” from Whole Foods and we've been taking it daily to stave off any sickness. - Emily 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.