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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that we're currently enjoying.
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1. Trois Familia.  The latest member of the growing restaurant empire from chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo (most recently of Jon & Vinny's fame), answers the unasked question, "What happens when you combine French technique with Mexican food and serve it for brunch?" The unique spin on fusion dishes produces some incredible results, like the hash brown chilaquiles, and the mornay sauce nachos. The wait is long and the seating is communal, but if you can get past those two issues, you're going to enjoy an exceptional meal. - Geoffrey 

2. Zara tote. I ordered this Zara bag because the pictures online blew me away, and its's even more chic in person. Two of my friends purchased it promptly after I wore it to brunch. It's the perfect everyday tote and fits all of my essentials. - Emily 

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3. Earth Bar Cold and Sinus Shot. In case you hadn't seen on Snapchat, both Emily and I were sick as dogs over the last few weeks (somehow G didn't succumb - yet). Our sweet intern brought the whole team these proprietary cold and sinus shots from Earth Bar, which she swears by for immunity. With horseradish, oregano, and some other interesting herbal notes, they were comically hard to get down - as in we were coughing, laughing, grimacing, and eventually had to resort to straws. But we all agreed that we felt a boost/rush of good feelings afterwards - almost a euphoric, I-can-handle-anything type of buzz. -Alina

4. Outdoor Voices. This activewear brand isn't new, but I just purchased my first pair of color block leggings and am obsessed. Their stuff is cool without trying too hard, and fun without being flashy. I'll be wearing them in heavy rotation to my weekly hip hop dance class. - Emily

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5. Oui Razor Set. I'd heard rave reviews of these razors several places, and after finally getting fed up enough with razor burn and ingrown hairs, I bit the bullet. It really is a smoother, closer shave than you get with a dinky $13 drugstore razor, not to mention the sleek gold is so classy. It ain't cheap, but it lasts for a decade and I'd much rather have this adult version visible in my shower than a green-and-blue plastic Venus. This version says it's for women up to 5'6" (I'm 5'8 1/2"), but manage just fine. -Alina 

6. The Black Tapes. After bailing out of season two of Serial after three episodes, I needed something to fill my podcast void. Thankfully I was introduced to this docudrama series, which tells the story of a enigmatic ghost hunter and his collection of mysterious VHS tapes, which lead to some of the creepiest stories I've heard. If you scare easily, don't listen to this in bed. - Geoffrey 

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7. Paradise People Beach Blanket. My friend was gifted one of these beautiful blankets, and I fell in love with it upon first sight. They are so well-made and high quality for the price. Just from seeing and holding hers, I prepared myself to be disappointed by the accessibility (expecting them to cost upwards of $200), and couldn't believe when I looked up the brand and saw they were $55. The weight and quality is so luxe - they really look and feel like several hundred dollar blankets. I brought mine to the beach the other day and everyone asked where I got it. They sell out fast, but the good news is that they do re-stock. When I first went to purchase mine, the rainbow was sold out so I entered my email address to be notified when it was back, and exactly that happened - I got an email when it was back, and bought it right away. -Alina 

8. Jess Hannah Ear Cuff. I came across this L.A.-based jewelry designer on Instagram, and really like her minimalist designs. I plan to wear this gold ear cuff with just a simple white T and jeans combo. Especially after the lengthy recovery period from my most recent piercing, it's nice to have some cool pieces that require no holes. - Emily 


9. Sicario. This movie was a little under-the-radar when it came out last summer, but it's now available to rent and I can't recommend it more highly. Not only is the acting stellar, but the cinematography and visceral score create an atmosphere and physical presence you don't often experience in a film. - Emily

10. Zimmerman Romper. It's definitely a splurge, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this stunning lace romper since it first caught my eye. I'm a sucker for pretty much anything Zimmerman puts out, and this gives me serious beach wanderlust. - Emily 


11. Crosley Record Player. We've been decorating the office over the past few months and adding a record player was one of the final touches. We have a nice vinyl collection and putting on an older record is a nice change of pace from our regular Spotify streaming. Plus, it looks a lot cuter than our clunky Sonos speaker. - Emily

12. Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser. My skin, summed up, is angry. It reacts to everything and I have a difficult time finding products that don't make it worse. This cream cleanser is an absolute dream for dry, irritated, sensitive, breakout-prone skin like mine. Just feeling the creamy consistency in my fingers before I apply it practically soothes my skin. It's gentle, hydrating, and clarifying.  I literally never pay for overnight shipping (because rarely do I have such an urgent need for something that it must come within 24 hours); but the other night, upon realizing I was a wash away from being out of this, I dropped the cash to have it sent overnight because I couldn't fathom going one night without it. - Alina

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.