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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. Charlotte Tilburry Wonderglow Face Primer: Nowadays, the only time I wear foundation is for special occasions like events, date nights with G, and parties, which December is full of. Recently, I’ve taken to mixing a tiny bit of this primer with my foundation and have found that it makes my skin look dewy, glowing, and as though all the cookies I’ve been eating this month are actually green juice. - Emily

2. Polka Dot Peanut Parade: I discovered Polkadot Peanut Parade about the most 21st century way a person discovers things these days: through a deep Instagram stalk-hole. At my 30th birthday party at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, there was a really cool DJ playing great music by the pool all afternoon. He was with his cute wife, who had great vintage style, and I took an interest in them both from afar. After checking out the geo-tag on Instagram, seeing who was posting photos from the Ace Hotel that weekend, I discovered her Instagram handle and the fact that she makes the most darling, whimsical, hand-made dolls right here in L.A. I don’t have any friends with kids yet (Sloan is pretty much the only baby I know in L.A.–shout out Sloan), but I can’t wait to gift one of these sweet dolls to someone when the opportunity arises. I love the flamingo, fox, and bunny in particular. - Alina


3. The Taco App: Full disclosure: My boyfriend made this app, but I’d be a super-fan even if I wasn’t in a relationship with the creator. When we moved to L.A., we were both pretty excited about the taco scene here so he created it as a tool to help him find the closest taco truck/restaurant/stand, based on his location. After telling our friends about it, he launched it in the App store so they could access it themselves and it’s only grown from there. At this point, I probably use it every week—it’s the best thing when I need to grab a quick bite to eat and don’t want to spend a lot of money. I hope you like it! P.S., The Taco App works everywhere, not just L.A.! - Leslie

4. Quip toothbrush: I’ve always preferred using electronic toothbrushes, but ordering new brushes and packing them for trips can make them more inconvenient than beneficial. This electronic brush solves many of those issues—each brush comes with a subscription to a year’s worth of brush heads, which makes them easy to swap out, and they’re lean enough to throw into my dopp kit as easily as I would a manual brush. - Geoffrey


5. Lady Gaga's new album, Joanne: Ever since listening to Lady Gaga's interview with Howard Stern, I've been listening to her new album (particularly the song Joanne) on repeat. The album is admittedly a little all over the place, but most of the songs are really beautiful and catchy, like the ballad, A Million Reasons. - Emily

6. Honk App: This app works similarly to AAA, but without the membership fees. Essentially, it connects you to mechanics in the area if you need help on the road, a tow truck, or fuel delivery. The interface of the app is so clean and simple that it makes calling for help on the road—which is always a stressful experience—as easy as checking your Instagram. - Geoffrey


7. Rodin Lipstick Set: I’ve long been a fan of Rodin’s skincare and lip balm, but this is their first foray into lipsticks. This collection is an investment, but it’s also an all-in-one set of essential shades, from tomato-red to mauve. The packaging is so sleek and beautiful that they look like bonafide decor. - Alina

8. GRL PWR Baseball Tee by Monki: I came across this Sweden-based brand when I saw an Instagram of their cat jeans last month. Since then, I’ve been all about their light-hearted but cool designs, like this baseball tee with “GRL PWR” embroidered across the front. - Leslie


9. J.Crew Velvet Hair Bow: Usually Sloan is the one to wear hair bows in our house, but I couldn't resist this feminine scrunchie-meets-velvet-bow for myself. I've been wearing it with a thin cashmere sweater for a whimsical holiday-inspired look. - Emily

10. Pari Desai: I’m a sucker for well-made basics—great tees, tanks, knitwear, etc.–and discovered this knitwear designer based in L.A. (I always enjoy supporting local small businesses). Her clothes fit so well and have a very minimalist French feel, which isn’t surprising since she previously designed for Calvin Klein and A.L.C. They function as great layering pieces–I love the ribbed long-sleeved tops and mock-neck tanks. - Alina


11. Leather Cord Roll-Up: The nature of our job—that it’s often on-the-go, between our home, office, and shoot locations—means that I end up carrying my computer and cords with me at all times. At any given point, I’ll usually have a camera cord, computer charger, car charger, aux cable, and earbuds on me. To keep everything organized, I’ve started carrying this leather cord organizer with me, which is the equivalent of a toolkit for cords. - Geoffrey

12. Wunderkid Greeting Cards: I don’t send letters as often as I should—what’s more exciting than receiving a handwritten card in the mail?—but this brand has inspired me to send out way more cards this season. The designs are so creative and beautiful, and best of all, each purchase helps fund an artist’s education. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.