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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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Our World AUGUST 1-2-01

1. Blue Bottle Cold Brew: G’s coffee order is incredibly easy—black cold brew—but we rarely made it at home until I came across this sleek cold brew coffee maker from Blue Bottle. Turns out, it’s the perfect solution for our (now-rushed school) mornings. The night before, we simply add ground coffee to the middle section, then pour in filtered water and allow it to steep overnight. By morning, we can pour it and go (though I add a splash of milk to cut through the bitterness!). - Emily 

2. Imperfect Produce: While I haven’t totally come around to the idea of services like Instacart yet, I love receiving bulk deliveries of produce. It helps me switch things up in my cooking routine (because when would I choose to buy ten turnips myself?) and Imperfect Produce has a vision I can completely get behind. For 30-50% less than grocery store prices, they source and deliver the “ugly” vegetables that are rejected by grocery stores, even though they’re completely edible. It isn’t much, but it feels good to help make a dent in the 6 billion pounds of ugly produce that goes to waste each year in California, alone! - Leslie

Our World AUGUST 3-4-01

3. Honest Hazel Eye Gels: When a girlfriend told me about these eye gels, which are made with all-natural ingredients including cactus collagen, I thought she was exaggerating their benefits. She said they reduce puffiness in about ten minutes to the point that she doesn’t need under-eye concealer, even after a rough night. After testing them out, I was thrilled to discover they actually work incredibly well—I recently purchased a pack of ten for those mornings I could use a little boost. - Emily

4. DJI Osmo Mobile: Most of the video content we produce is made on our phone, which has its pros and cons. The simplicity and immediacy of shooting couldn't be simpler, but the moment you start to move, things get a little bumpy. That's where this device comes in. It essentially turns your phone into a steady-cam, giving you the opportunity to create cinema level content. There are a number of other features and editing tools, but if you're looking to take your videos to a new level, this is a great option. - Geoffrey

Our World AUGUST 5-6-01

5. Christy Dawn Dresses: Something happens once you’ve lived in California for a year. You start hearing yourself say things like, “One furikake avocado toast, please,” “Who’s your life coach?,” and “I just really need a dress I can throw on to get to the farmers' market early.” Okay so it hasn’t gotten that bad (yet), but this dress from Christy Dawn makes me want to be the type of person who shows up at 6 a.m. in Santa Monica with a French market bag over one shoulder and a yoga mat over the other. - Leslie

6. The Defiant Ones: Filmed over a three-year period, this HBO documentary series shows the historic partnership of Jimmy Iovine (the co-founder of Interscope Records) and Dr. Dre, as they helped shape the modern music industry. It covers everything from Dre's beginnings with NWA, to Jimmy's career as a record engineer/producer, working with John Lennon and Tom Petty, through their development of Beats headphones (which ultimately was sold to Apple for $3 billion.) It’s fascinating to see what really goes into the industry, with interviews from people like Bono, Bruce Springsteen, and Eminem. - Emily

Our World AUGUST 7-8-01

7. MasterClass: If you’ve watched anything on YouTube lately, you’ve likely seen an ad for MasterClass, online courses taught by people considered to be masters at their profession, including Gordan Ramsey for cooking, Annie Leibovitz for photography, and Serena Williams for tennis. Each class comes with multiple lessons, workbooks, and access to a community of other students. I wasn’t completely interested in it until I learned Jane Goodall will be teaching a class this fall on activism. It’s such a smart idea and there’s something for every interest. - Leslie

8. Byredo Perfume Powder: Instead of a bottle with a spritzer, these powder perfumes from Byredo come in a tube with a brush at the end. The powder smells slightly softer than the traditional tincture, and it doesn’t last quite as long, but I love the process of brushing the perfume along the inside of my wrist and the nape of my neck for special evenings out (and keeping it in my purse for touch-ups). - Emily

Our World AUGUST 9-10-01

9. Skratch Labs Cookie Mix: I'm not typically a fan of "energy" snacks, but I make an exception for this cookie mix. I've used their hydration mix for years and recently started baking my own cookies for longer rides. You can customize the recipe however you prefer and the taste is a lot better than any bar I've ever tried. - Geoffrey

10. Lightning Stud Earring: I’ve never been much of a jewelry person—I’ve worn the same necklace for the past 10 years, and the same three rings for nearly as long. And when it comes to earrings, I’m useless—I love them, but I constantly forget to put them in. So I can’t really tell you why I’ve suddenly become obsessed with the idea of getting a second piercing in one of my earlobes. I haven’t worked up the courage yet, but as soon as I do, I’m planning on purchasing this Lightning Stud Earring to go in it, to add a little edge to my otherwise neutral collection. - Leslie

Our World AUGUST 11-12-01

11. 'Coffee Cups of the World' Instagram: Whenever I travel, I make a point of visiting local coffee shops—one of my favorite memories from G and my trip to Japan was a small coffee counter that served perfect flat whites. This Instagram, which reposts coffee cups from all over the world just makes me want to travel more—some of them are so creative, beautiful, and funny, I feel inspired to visit the shops that sell them. - Emily

12. The Odells: If you live in Los Angeles, you’re probably familiar with the Silver Lake boutique, Bucks and Does, which recently rebranded to become The Odells (the last name of the couple who owns it and the brand they design). I’ve been frequenting the expanded store (which also has an online shop!) for their perfectly laid-back clothes, including these Cerulean blue culottes which I picked up before my trip to Guatemala earlier this month. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.