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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
Our World August_1

All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin: I first discovered the author, Emily Giffin, after watching 'Something Borrowed' (based on her book) on a plane and raved about how it was such an underrated rom-com on my Instagram. Turns out, everyone agrees and claimed that I needed to download her entire catalog as soon as possible. I started with her most recent novel, 'All We Ever Wanted,' a thought-provoking story about an affluent family whose world begins to unravel after their teenage son shares an inappropriate picture on social media. - Emily

Our World August_2

Recess Post-Workout Wipes: While I usually exercise in the morning, I've been occasionally booking lunchtime classes as a way to breakup longer desk-bound days. Because I often don't have time for a shower afterwards, I've been using these workout wipes (which an old colleague from Food52 created!) to get back to work on time. I just keep a pack of their body wipes and aluminum-free deodorant wipes in my gym bag, so I'm good to go (though, I should note, all bets are off if it's anything more strenuous that yoga or barre). - Leslie

Our World August_3

KonMari Hikidashi Boxes: Ever since I followed the Marie Kondo method in our home to organize everything (you can see the posts here), I've attempted to keep it all functioning just as well as those first few sessions. And here's the deal: as soon as I found out that Marie Kondo came out with these gorgeous, water color-inspired boxes in the exact size I'm always looking for, I knew I had to swipe them up. I apply the same logic to my workout clothes—yes, I could get away with wearing the same old sloppy pieces I kept around since college, but wearing pretty things to exercise actually motivates me! The same can be said for these boxes: Even if the majority of them are tucked into drawers and cabinets, just knowing they're there provides enough inspiration for me to keep everything in order. - Emily

Our World August_4

Lebert Fitness Equalizer: I canceled my gym membership a few months ago, replacing it with home exercise options. I use my Peloton bike 4 to 5 times a week, but supplement those rides with bodyweight training, using these bars. You can get a full body workout, without needing a lot of space or extra equipment. - Geoffrey 

Our World August_5

Pimsleur Spanish Tapes: Over the past few months, I've been taking Spanish classes once a week at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute to brush up on the language before visiting family in Guatemala over Christmas (the first question my family asks is always, "How's your Spanish?" and I want to have a better answer than "Lo entiendo, pero..."). To supplement my weekly classes, I've been listening to Pimsleur tapes. They're a little old-school, but I listen to them every time I drive and I'm amazed at how much I've learned from them already! Note: They're expensive, but I subscribed to Audible so that I'm able to download one for $9 a month, and exchange them if I finish a lesson before my next Audible Credit becomes available. - Leslie

Our World August_6

Beanfields Bean Chips: G brought these chips home not too long ago as a slightly healthier snacking option. I didn't anticipate that Sloan would eat them, but instead of telling her the chips were made from beans, we simply told her the flavor (nacho). They were so surprisingly good that between Sloan, her friend, and myself, we polished off the bag in one sitting. - Emily

Our World August_7

Clug Bike Rack: A few months ago, I gave bike-commuting a try and loved it, but I let it fizzle out when it didn't completely work with my schedule. I recently decided to make biking to work at least two days a week a priority, and brought my bike into Revenge Fantasy Cycles in Echo Park for some love and a basket! (Side note: I truly cannot speak more highly of this place—their co-owner Megan was so invested in my commute she helped me map out routes and insisted I text her after my first commute back!) To keep my bike in shape, I'm now storing it inside, which doesn't exactly jive with my style or my tiny apartment but this minimalist bike rack by Clug helps. You can barely see it when my bike's off the rack, which is perfect for the days I store it in the office garage. - Leslie 

Our World August_8

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer: While I was perfectly content with my current concealer, I felt like I needed something with a little more impact for under my eyes that get particularly dark. This concealer is apparently one of the most beloved beauty products on the market, so it's no surprise that it's as epic as all the reviews claim. - Emily

Our World August_9

Koffie Silicone Straws: With more businesses moving away from single-use plastic straws, I decided to look into a reusable option. Let's be honest, paper straws suck (no pun intended) and metal straws often mess with the flavor of the beverage. Enter: food-based silicone. These are easy to clean, can go in hot or cold drinks, and turn into compostable, eco-friendly ash when burned. While carrying around straws isn't the new normal yet, it might be soon enough, so get one and start practicing. - Geoffrey

Our World August_10

KenKen Puzzles: This is definitely up there in my 'nerdiest Our World suggestions' category, but Jonah and I recently became addicted to the KenKen puzzles that are in the back of the New York Times Magazine each week. They're like a Sudoku puzzle in that you can't repeat a digit per row or column (there's a 4x4 square and the much harder 7x7 in the magazine), but involve more math because the numbers have to equate to different operations. Math is definitely not my area of expertise (as a surprise to no one, I was always more of an English and humanities person), but I love that it feels like I'm exercising my brain in a completely different way than how I do at work. We bought this book for home, and downloaded this app for our trip to Copenhagen to do together on the plane! - Leslie

Our World August_11

Blending lipsticks: A couple of months back, I was debating between two brightly colored lipsticks (Laura Mercier's 'Dominate' and 'Bring It') and decided to wear one on my top lip and the other on my bottom. The colors are close enough that it wasn't as dramatic as I was worried it might appear, but it did add a really cool bit of dimension. And then once I saw Bella Hadid rocking the same look, any hesitation was immediately dissipated. For those times when I'm feeling a little less adventurous, I'll either blend the colors or just add a pop of the pink just to the middle of my lips. - Emily

Our World August_12

The Nue Co.: I often experiment with different adaptogens and supplements, hopping between brands like Moon Juice, Ritual, and Four Sigmatic (note: This never happened before I moved to L.A., but I caught the bug...). My latest interest is in The Nue Co. I love the branding, as well as the fact that they're made from whole ingredients. Plus, it's easy to navigate the site, whether you're looking for something for your workout recovery (hi, hello!), or a gentle all-natural aid to ease you into sleep (yes, please!). My favorite product so far are their Defense Drops, which I take when I need a little boost of immunity (in the form of mistletoe!), before a long flight, or when I feel a cold coming on. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.