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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. f.lux App: I often try to turn off all electronics and unplug after a certain hour, but there are some nights when it can't be avoided. This app automatically adjusts the brightness of my screen with the time of day to keep my eyes from getting too tired. Since using it, I've also found that I sleep better since my computer light is dim enough that it doesn't interfere with my sleep schedule. - Emily

2. Rafa Sandals: It feels like I spent the entire summer looking for simple, strappy black sandals with a block heel for wearbility. Every pair I tried on was too complicated or just uncomfortable, so I had nearly given up completely until I came across these. The vegan suede is soft and moveable and the chunky heel adds support so that I can walk for days in them. Good thing L.A. has four seasons of summer since I'm planning on wearing them well into our "fall." - Alina

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3. Diptyque Precious Oil For Body and Bath: My skin is always at its worst between seasons—it gets drier than usual and requires a little more upkeep. This time around, I've been anticipating the arrival of fall by using Diptyique body oil, which not only smells delicious and makes my skin incredibly smooth, but doubles as an oil I can pour into my bath. Its iris and argan scent is immediately relaxing. - Emily

4. Captain Fantastic: I went to see this film by default—the only other movies playing nearby were The Purge and Lights Out (not at the top of my list), so my boyfriend and I opted for the one title we didn't recognize, in exchange for two hours of air conditioning. I never could have imagined that the movie we were seeing would have such an effect on me—it's a beautiful story written and directed by the actor Matt Ross about, in a nutshell, a family who lives in the woods then makes a journey into society after the mother dies. I rarely cry in movies, but by the time the credits started rolling on this one, I was a mess—I already have plans to see it again. - Leslie

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5. Garrett Leight Sunglasses: This Los Angeles-based sunglasses brand has been a favorite of mine since it opened several years ago, so I'd been looking forward to visiting their new store on Abbott Kinney in Venice. The store is sleek and beautiful, and includes an in-house optical lab for quick prescriptions and an elaborate garden they're building in the back. It doesn't hurt that it's walking distance from two of Emily and my favorite restaurants, Gjelina and Salt Air. - Geoffrey

6. Charlotte Tilbury 'Lip Cheat' in Pillowtalk: One of my greatest beauty pet peeves is when my lipstick slides or looks sloppy around the edges after eating or drinking anything. This lipliner is water- and smudge-proof so, when applied with the same color of lipstick, it makes my lips look perfect and full for hours. - Alina

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7. Gwen: You may have seen Leslie's Snapchat story when Gwen, Curtis Stone's latest restaurant and butcher shop, opened last month. Since then, it's become G and my go-to place to pick up meat on our way home for grilling (their burger is unreal, but I can also finish a ridiculous amount of their prosciutto in one sitting). - Emily

8. End-of-Season Baby Artichokes and Aioli: When I moved to L.A., it felt like every restaurant had an artichoke and aioli dish. I quickly fell in love with it and ordered it off every menu until I realized how easy it is to make at home. I've spent the last month perfecting my technique before artichoke season ends: Peel all of the tough leaves off of baby artichokes (more than you think), then trim the stems, slice in half, and roast at 425° F for about 15 minutes, then serve with aioli. It looks way more impressive than it is difficult (see my picture above) and is the best appetizer. - Leslie

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9. Game of Thrones Behind-The-Scenes Documentary: When Emily and I finished the latest Game of Thrones season, we probably spent as much time talking about how they did the special effects as we did the storyline. It felt almost too good to be true when I came across this five-part documentary on YouTube this month, which explains how they did nearly every special effect for each episode this season—the method they used to create the dragons is my favorite. - Geoffrey

10. Snug App: One of the downsides of Instagram is that it isn't possible to preview a photo in your feed before you upload it. This app allows you to preview what your latest 'gram will look like "snuggled" in with your exisiting photos before you put it up—which may sound like a small thing, but makes a huge difference in an app that's built around aesthetics. I'm a nut about my grid and used to sometimes post photos for a millisecond just to see what they looked like in my overall page before deleting them if I didn't like the mix; or sometimes would hold the photo I might 'gram on my phone up to the desktop version of my Instagrid on my laptop, to see how it would look in the feed. Thanks for making my life so easy, Snug. I now never Instagram a single thing without previewing what it will look like together with the other images, in Snug. I dare say it's noticebly enhanced my 'gram game. (Or just made me more neurotic about grid perfection).- Alina

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11. Roga On the Pier: When I spent a summer in Los Angeles three years ago, I barely knew anyone in the city, so I spent a lot of time seeking out free outdoor events. Roga—run followed by yoga—on the Santa Monica Pier was always one of my favorites because it's a great excuse to get some sea breeze and everyone's always incredibly friendly (Maybe it's all of those yoga endorphins?). When I picked it back up this month, I was instantly reminded of why I loved it so much the first time around. - Leslie

12. Shhhowercap: I'm lucky that I have hair than can stay styled for up to a week, but as soon as I get moisture in my general vicinity, it's over. This shower cap is completely waterproof, even directly under the spigot, and has a strong grip that doesn't leave a forehead crease. Plus, the turban shape is a lot cuter than my old go-to puffy plastic cap. - Emily

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.