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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. Shop Staud. My friend who works at Who What Wear and knows my weakness for Reformation (and crop tops + matching sets in general), told me about this online retailer that makes comparable, less expensive clothing. I spend far too much of my disposable income at Ref (I don't let myself go in anymore, because I will buy a new wardrobe), so having an affordable option with a similar aesthetic is best case scenario. I am crushing hard on these denim culottes, and this rust-colored crop top. - Alina 

2. Amazon Echo. We recently received this as a gift and while I initially thought it might collect dust, it's turned into one of the most utilized devices in our home. It feels like you're living in the future when you trigger "Alexa" to play music, change the thermostat, or even request an Uber, all with the sound of your voice. It's much more reliable than Siri and the coolest option is reordering products without having to open an app. Honestly, if you're looking for a cool gift for a tech-loving person, this is a great option. -Geoffrey


3. Kathleen Whitaker Stitch Earring. If it isn't fairly obvious already, I've gotten obsessed with ear jewelry lately (the last few Our Worlds have all featured delicate gold jewelry I'm loving - see here and here). A friend was wearing this thin earring that bends around your ear and looked so cool that I went to Mohawk General Store in Silverlake the next day to buy it. -Emily

4. Tata Harper Brightening Serum. I'm a really big fan of serums in general, and find that after I put this one on, it makes skin look noticeably hydrated and super glowy and dewy - almost as if you've applied liquid illuminator. Post application, your skin looks like you just had a facial, all healthy and fresh. -Emily


5. Cos Mesh Bra. Before my birthday lunch last month, Emily and I were walking around Beverly Hills where there's a Cos store. We popped in to peruse the lingerie because she's told me they make the prettiest bras (at great prices no less). I found this sheer triangle bra and loved it so much I bought it in both colors it comes in: the mauve pictured, and the navy blue. Since I am flat-chested, I'm able to wear lower cut tops so I love showing a peek of the pretty sheer fabric. It looks absolutely beautiful on - the quality and craftsmanship is insane for the cost. Best of all, it's comfortable. My biggest pet peeve with most bras is that they're too constricting, and this one wears like a cloud. - Alina 

6. Slack - This isn't a brand new app, but it's one that I've been championing internally for a while. At it's core, it's a team communication tool, providing a way to text/instant message, share files, and organize information, across multiple devices. It's not a total replacement for email, but its real power comes from the number of other apps you can plug in, creating new and more efficient ways of getting work done. It's free to use for any size team, but their paid plans offer a lot of valuable functions.  -Geoffrey 


7. Lano Lips. Even though I swear by Aquaphor, I'm always trying new lip balms to see if anything wows my socks off. I'd been hearing about this one in the beauty world for awhile and was finally compelled to purchase it after reading yet another glowing review. Plus, I love the pale pink tube and retro packaging. It hasn't come yet, but I'm pretty pumped to try it out. - Alina 

8. Cabinet Locks. We knew baby proofing was an inevitable task, but we really wanted to find methods of keeping Sloan safe without completely altering our cabinets and furniture. These magnetic locks were the perfect solution. They don't require any screws or nails, using a strong (but removable), 3M sticky pad to hold the lock in place and out of sight. They take seconds to install and so far, they've held up against some aggressive tugging and pulling. Their 4.5 star rating on Amazon is merited. - Geoffrey 


9. Grey Ant Sunglasses. I've never been a big sunglasses girl, much preferring to spend my money elsewhere. But since living in L.A., protective and stylish eyewear has become a necessity. It's blindingly bright and sunny here almost every day, and I can't commute from West Hollywood to Downtown safely (or comfortably) - or even just walk around - without a solid pair of sunglasses in my life. I've been diligently doing market research to find a cool pair worth shelling a little more for, and fell in love with this design from Grey Ant. I love that they're a modern take on a classic shape - I find a lot of cat-eye frames look too costumey (like you're trying to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's), and these are just barely cat-eye, but cat-eye enough. I love that the rim cuts off half-way on the bottom. As they say on the site: "This serves no purpose other than it lends an interesting gift to the overall design." -Alina  

10. Leather File Folder. Ever since we moved into our office space, I've been on the hunt for functional desk accessories that are actually attractive. This handsome leather file folder has a worn-in, vintage feel; and embracing some more masculine elements has been essential for balancing the overall feminine look of the office. It looks fantastic juxtaposed with my modern white lacquer desk and pale pink wall. - Emily 


11. Nike Juvenate Rubber and Jersey Sneakers. I am a sneaker fanatic -  they've always been one of "my things." (Those categories you have a weakness for and buy new iterations of constantly, like Emily with candles, and both of us with stripes). The fact that these have a subtle graphic stripe sold me in a second. I've been looking for a neutral sneaker as the ones I have now are all bright colors with neon elements, and these are so simple and cool. I love their clean, neo-preppy look. They're pretty much my dream sneaker. - Alina

12. Jeff Koons: A Retrospective. We have a fairly extensive bookshelf wall at the office, along with a coffee table and several side tables, so I've been steadily sourcing new statement books to add to the mix. I was drawn to the punchy floral bouquet on this Jeff Koons cover, whose art we've gotten into since it's heavily featured at The Broad. It's the ideal stack topper with a candle or small object on top. - Emily 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.