Our First Movie Date

 {At a wedding a few weeks after we started dating}

{At a wedding a few weeks after we started dating}

My relationship with G didn't start out in the most conventional way. He was my client and our business required that we communicate several times a month via email. But after our first in-person meeting, I found myself scrambling for excuses to reach out to him more frequently (he insists I was obsessed with him right off the bat). Soon enough, we were talking everyday and had our first personal hangout a few weeks later on a brisk day in December. He happily agreed to accompany me to the flea market and was such a good sport that I assumed he loved thrifting. Only years later did he admit that he likens the experience of going to the flea market to sorting through other people's trash. The rest of the day unfolded organically and since neither of us wanted it to end, we kept adding on more things to do: impromptu brunch, followed by errands, then onto late afternoon drinks, after which point we decided to go to a movie. The options at the theater were bleak, so we reluctantly agreed to see The Mist, a slow-moving horror movie that was anything but scary. At the time I was so disappointed, thinking that our spontaneously fun day had ended on such a mediocre note.

But years later, it's one of the things I look back on fondly. When you start dating someone, you never know if that inaugural movie/dinner/concert will be the first of many. And what I've found is that almost everyone remembers the first movie they saw as a couple, regardless of whether it was any good. 

What was the first movie that you saw with your significant other? Was it as painfully bad as ours?