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Our Favorite & Least Favorite Things to Shop for (and Why)

We all have our loves and hates, even when it comes to shopping.
Solid & Striped Top and Bottom

Solid & Striped Top and Bottom

It's safe to assume that our team loves to shop. But even for us, there are certain items we loathe having to buy. In sharing our individual favorite things to purchase (and also the items we prefer not to shop for), it was surprisingly helpful to see another person's perspective to find more enjoyment - or at the very least, feel more equipped - when we're in need of buying them ourselves.

Our Favorite & Least Favorite Things to Shop for (and Why_Emily

Least Favorite: Bathing suits. 
Why: The vast majority of bikinis are sold as sets, which sucks if you're not the same size on the top and bottom (which I'm not). So most of the time, I find myself compromising and settling on a size that kiiiind of works on the top and bottom, but is more or less ill-fitted. Beyond all of the normal, not-very-fun aspects of trying on bathing suits (i.e. less than flattering lights, wearing so few clothes, etc.), it's tough knowing that more often than not, I won't find exactly what I'm looking for.

Favorite: I've shared my love for white blouses in the past, which hasn't slowed in the slightest, but I'd say my favorite thing to shop for is actually home accessories. 
Why: It's such an easy way to refresh an entire space with a few key pieces.
What I Look For: Trays, candles, art (particularly at flea markets), vintage rugs, hooks, console tables, benches. 

Our Favorite & Least Favorite Things to Shop for (and Why_Leslie

Least Favorite: Pants (of all sorts)
Why: I wear pants nearly every day—I pretty much live in jeans! But I purchase them maaaybe once a year. It's just so tricky to find a perfect fit, and feels more like a chore than a fun activity. 

Favorite: Skincare and beauty items! 
Why: I was never interested in makeup or skincare until I became an editor at C&C, but once I became aware of it, it was as if a whole world opened up to me. While I still don't know the first thing about applying a smokey eye and actually find myself wearing less makeup each year, I love the feeling of discovery that comes from finding unique and beautiful skincare products. They feel like little potions in my own private apothecary. I'm diligent about researching the items I purchase, and will save up and strictly limit my collection to make room for each new addition. Because I only have about ten makeup and beauty products, total, at any given time, I'm able to splurge on the truly special items (hello, Vintner's Daughter). By lighting a candle and using only my favorite things, my morning and evening beauty routines feel more like a meditation or opportunity to unwind than a drag. 
What I Look For: Unique natural beauty and skincare items! 

Our Favorite & Least Favorite Things to Shop for (and Why_MARILYNN

Least Favorite: Makeup 
Why: It feels expensive (even though it ends up lasting quite a while and I often get more uses out of a unit of blush than I would, say, a blouse) and I feel overwhelmed by all the options on the market. Clearly, I just need to talk to Leslie or piggy back on her next skincare shopping spree. 

Favorite: Shoes.
Why: I have a shoe fetish. It's one of the first things I notice when I meet someone because I think it tells me more about their style preferences than anything else. 
What I Look For: Block heels or flats (I sprain my ankle all the time) that have classic silhouettes with a twist (whether that's an unexpected color or a subtle detail like small studs along one edge). 

Our Favorite & Least Favorite Things to Shop for (and Why_HANNAH

Least Favorite: Jeans
Why: I dread the day I have to buy a new pair of jeans. I just do not enjoy anything about the experience, and often feel a bit defeated by a massive pile of ill-fitting denim left in the change room.

Favorite: Bathing Suits
Why: Don’t get me wrong, changing room light is not my friend, but there is something about trying on a bathing suit that makes me feel so excited. I love being in the water/anything that allows me to be at the beach, so having a new suit always helps me to look forward to the next time I can get to the ocean. Also, I love being able to mix and match colors and prints from different sets.

What I Look For: Lately, I’m all about a high waisted bottom! I’m pretty tall, and often have trouble finding bottoms that aren’t super low cut on me, so I love that the higher cut provides a bit more coverage, without feeling like a granny-panty. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.