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Academy Awards Entertaining Idea: Oscar Bingo

Who will bring home the "Bingo" award?
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I cheer during the Oscars the same way many did for Super Bowl earlier this month—I love watching my favorite stars accept their awards, live for red carpet coverage, and follow along on celebrity's Instagram stories as they get ready for the big night. That's all to say that I have no problem getting fully immersed into the festivities. To make the evening a bit more interesting (namely for Geoffrey, who's not as ardent an awards show fan as I am), I decided to do something a bit different this year. When guests come over, they'll be greeted with Champagne, popcorn, and an Oscar Bingo sheet. 

The idea is that each guest watches with their own Bingo card and crosses out events as they happen on the screen (i.e., A star forgets to thank their spouse, or There's a noticeable baby bump). Just like in classic Bingo, the first person to get five across, up-and-down, or diagonally wins. I'm hoping it will add the perfect amount of competition to the night (made all the more interesting if you have everyone contribute a few dollars to a pot for the grand prize).

Our team had so much fun coming up with the categories. I hope you enjoy them. A printable PDF to 10 sheets is available here. To use them, print them out on standard 8x11 paper. 

Get the Oscar sheets here: Free downloadable Oscars Bingo game.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.