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One Thing


{My mom on her wedding day}

Our wedding's tomorrow and suddenly my senses seem heightened to everything around me. I think of those who've passed that won't be there - my grandpa who'd call to discuss each of my soccer games, and the other that would take me out for special lunches - just the two of us. And my dad's best friend, Jack, who was the only person I wanted to call after I finished my book. It's funny how a wonderful celebration can also bring about such a deep, hollow sadness. I don't believe in much, but I know that tomorrow they'll be with me in some capacity.

Tonight's the last time I'll sleep in my bed in the house where I grew up - at least as a single person. It feels so final and significant, but I know it's not really an end; but rather a beginning. I'm excited about this next stage of my life and am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so much love. Your support has meant so much throughout my entire engagement, and I hope you enjoy the posts that I've scheduled for the duration of our honeymoon.


Products in this post may contain affiliate links