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Old Wives' Tales Debunked

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Most people have heard of Old Wives' Tales regarding a baby's sex. Whether it's the way you carry (i.e. high means girl, low means boy) or trying to decipher cravings, I had little idea of how many theories there were to guessing a baby's sex. At the very beginning, I had a strong feeling we were having a boy. If my morning sickness subsided or if my face stopped breaking out, it was a sure indication that I was carrying a mini version of G. Of course, my physician proved me wrong. So, even though I know we're having a girl, I thought it would be fun to test these time-honored tales.  


Old Wives' Tale #1: Take off your wedding ring, tie it to a piece of string, and hang it over your belly. If it swings back and forth it's a girl. If it swings in a circular motion, it's a boy.


I had a friend hold my wedding band on a string above my stomach and as soon as she steadied her hand, the ring started moving in a circle. Result: It's a boy.

Old Wives' Tale #2: A linea nigra is a dark line that may appear during pregnancy that extends the length of your belly. The old wives' tale states that if your line runs from your pubic area to your belly button it’s a girl. If it goes past the belly button and towards the top of your stomach, then it’s a boy.

Mine stops just shy of my chest and extends down below my belly button. Result: It's a Boy.

Old Wives' Tale #3: A healthier head of hair means that you are carrying a boy. If you're thinning, you're having a girl. 


My hair is just as thick and hard to manage as ever. Result: It's a boy.

Old Wives' Tale #4: If a partner gains a noticeable amount of sympathy weight, it's a girl. If they remain stable, prepare for a boy. 

G consistently goes to the gym three to four times a week and eats really healthy (though he's not opposed to the occasional pig out session). He's not a grazer like me, and is pretty disciplined, so he's been as steady as a rock. Result: It's a Boy.

Old Wives' Tale #5: It's going to be a little girl if you are craving sweets, while salty and sour cravings indicate a boy.


I've been obsessed with sweets, so there's nothing new there. I do have a bigger-than-usual craving for sour flavored candy so I've been making regular trips to Dylan's Candy bar to stock up. I've also been reaching for lemonade, grapefruit, and sour citrus in general. Though I'm not averse to salty foods, I'd always rather go for a handful of candy than chips. Result: Undecided.

Old Wives' Tale #6: Abrupt bouts of crying means that I'm having a girl (thank you bonus hormones). 

I cried during multiple episodes of The Walking Dead. Enough said. Result: It's a Girl. 

Old Wives' Tale #7: If your feet get colder than they used to, it’s a sign you have a boy on the way. If your feet are the same, it’s a girl.


I'm constantly hot. G jokes that my heart must be ice-cold because my body doesn't feel the need to pump my blood into my vital organs, instead leaving me with perpetually hot hands and feet. But, during this pregnancy, my feet have been constantly frigid and socks and slippers have become indispensable to me. Result: It's a Boy

Old Wives' Tale #8: Dry skin means I'm having a boy. Soft, supple skin is a sure sign that I'm having a girl.

I cannot slather enough lotion on to soothe my crocodile skin. Result: It's a Boy.

The tally is:

Boy: 5

Girl: 1

Undecided: 1

I'd love to know: Did these Old Wives' Tales ring true for you?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.