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Office Essentials


One of the last rooms to finish in our new place is the home office. We spend a lot of time in this specific room and wanted to decorate and organize it in a way that was both functional and stylish, without feeling too formal. I've put together a collection of some of the items that we've purchased, along with a few inspirational pieces. 

1. Agate bookend. ($19)

2. A simple desk chair. ($159)

3. Citrus filing folders. ($1.75)

4. Luxe leather mouse pad. ($34)

5. Weekly desk calendar. ($12)

6. Mid-Century desk lamp. ($149)

7. A candle in your favorite scent. ($80)

8. Desk with clean lines. ($149)

9. Chic waste basket. ($74)

10. Pencils with tiny gold hearts. ($7.50)

11. Pretty tumbler for holding writing utensils. ($18)

12. Fun pompom pillow for your chair. ($58)

13. Striped rug. ($58)

14. Lucite card holder. ($5.99)

15. Gold shell paperweight. ($55)

Products in this post may contain affiliate links