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NYFW: Favorite Fashion and Beauty Trends

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I love seeing all of the new trends that emerge during NYFW. The reoccurring favorites, call-backs to styles we've worn before (hi, '90s plaid), and fads so out there that they're better left on the runways. But after all the shows, I often find I'm overwhelmed by all of the new information. In an attempt to break it down a bit in a way that's more accessible, I've picked my three favorite fall fashion and beauty trends that I'm ready to embrace right now.

1. Rag & Bone Jeans $187

2. Luxury Rebel Booties $140

3. Urban Outfitters Jacket $69

4. Topshop Lace Top $80

5. Elizabeth and James Jacket $545

6. J.Crew Necklace $138

7. Free People Skirt $98

8. Club Monaco Top $150

9. Zara Dress $99.90 When it comes to your beauty routine, it's easy to fall into a slump - every morning you apply the same products resulting in an identical look, day after day. While there's nothing wrong with that consistency, it's also important to switch things up every now and again. After NYFW, I'm now committed to thick, maintained eyebrows, playing with my eyeshadow placement (though perhaps in a slightly subtler way), and bold lips and dewy skin. I'd love to know - what were your favorite fashion and beauty trends from NYFW?


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.