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10 Instagram Accounts I Love Following

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Perusing your Instagram feed can sometimes feel like a chore - wherein you feel a reluctant need to catch up on the day's posts without even really enjoying what you're scrolling past. But amidst the same-old scenes, there are the accounts that consistently stand apart from the rest - that catch your eye, inspire thought or action, and, in however small or momentary of a way, make life a little better. If you're looking for a feed refresh for 2016, here are the ten accounts I simply love following. They're not necessarily new or under the radar, they're just the ones that make me happy. 

The Unexpected Account: Notes2MySelfie

Since Instagram is mostly a mix of beautiful imagery and memes, it's refreshing to read these original, often poignant and hilarious musings on life. I like how the visual presentation in the notes app is kind of a digital nod to old-school notebook paper, back in the olden days when we used to write with pens on paper. 

The All-Access Beauty Account: StreicherSisters

The Streicher sisters are a trio of beauty professionals based in Los Angeles - (I had the pleasure of working with Ashley, the hair stylist of the bunch, on a still-secret project I can't wait to share later in the spring) that make the art of getting ready a blast. They have boatloads of fun with beauty, and themselves, which I appreciate in an industry that can take itself too seriously in that regard. Jenn does makeup, and Kristie does brows, and it's never dull keeping up with their escapades. 

The Food Porn Account: Infatuation 

This best-of account featuring the most indulgent and original culinary creations in the country is borderline sinful. The food photography is A+ and I have a running list of places and things to try one day because of it. They also have an L.A.-specific account through which I've discovered new gems. 

The Cute Account: PiggyandPolly

No trip through Instagram is complete without a pet account that makes you ache from cuteness. Piggy and Polly are french bulldog sisters that are pretty much the chicest things around. They have great taste in music, interiors, and fashion (their captions are always on point, too), and I'm more or less smitten with their existence.

The Celebrity Account: DianeKrugerperso

Diane Kruger is my everything, and I love her even more after "getting to know her" a bit on Instagram. She's so beautiful, but her online persona is totally quirky, kooky, and self-deprecating (exhibit A, above). As a bonus, she loves cats, so my feed gets graced with funny and cute cat moments via Diane. She's a home run in my book. 

The Healthy Life Inspiration Account: TheChalkboardMag

When I need a respite from staring at Infatuation's seven-layer grilled cheeses and crème brûlée donuts, the L.A.-based lifestyle entity, The Chalkboard comes through. The account boasts healthy living imagery that's both motivating and stunning to look at. 

The Nail Account: Nail_Unistella 

This is the account of a manicurist Alina got me hooked on that posts the coolest nail art ever. Not all of it is something I'd do on myself, but it's still fun to see how creative one can get with such a small canvas. 

The Makeup Guru Account: PatiDubroff 

Dubroff is a makeup artist who has worked with, and transformed, some of the most famous faces (and many of my personal favorites) in the game, from Natalie Portman to Charlize Theron. Her editorial work is always exquisite and gives me ideas of looks I'd like to at least attempt to emulate.

The Sweetest Motherhood Account: TheLittlest

Elizabeth Antonia has a poetic way of capturing the most beautiful and tender aspects of motherhood, in her case, with two little girls. You don't have to be a mom for her words and images to resonate either; she's one of Alina's favorite people on Instagram also, which we randomly figured out in a " too?!" Stepbrothers kind of way. Fun fact: she's the wife of the DJ who played at our wedding.

The Pretty Little Things Account: MaraisUSA

Marais is a French footwear brand and their Instagram account is a collection of classic, feminine vignettes with a cool vintage feel. From pretty florals and shopping bags to quintessential scenes from Parisian cafe culture, it makes me want to throw more tea parties with a dress code of denim. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.