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My World September

A new monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that I'm currently enjoying.
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One: I'd been looking for pointy-toe flat booties for what seemed like forever, but all of the ones I'd found either came up too high, veered witchy, or had way too many details. I love that these Alexander Wang Kori Ankle Booties are – first and foremost – really comfortable, but they're also wonderfully simplistic with just a hint of rose gold on the metal plate that peeks out from the divot in the heels.

Two: Even though I can't actually play tennis, I absolutely love watching matches and am a dedicated tennis enthusiast. I'm fascinated by everything from the history of the sport, the actual matches, to the preppy all-American style. I love that this coffee table book gives me a glimpse of all three. 


Three: G and I used to have a tradition of watching Saturday Night Live first thing Sunday morning and are big fans of Bill Hader and Fred Armisen so we knew we'd want to check out Documentary Now, their new comedy series on IFC. I watched the first episode (where Bill and Fred do spot-on impressions of Big and Little Edie from Grey Gardens) over lunch and I had to stop eating because I almost choked on my food from laughing so hard. 

Four: I'm a big fan of ceramics in general, and though I'm head over heels for the earthenware trend, there's something really special and different about potter and painter Rami Kim's unique pieces. This little vase is right up my alley and love the fact that each pot has its own face. 


Five: A couple weeks ago, G announced that he had bought a compact Anova precision cooker to sous vide (a fancy-schmancy technique that cooks food slowly in hot water). I was initially skeptical, but we’ve been using it on a daily basis for chicken and poached eggs, and the combination of this cooking method with a sugar and salt cure has miraculously gotten me to like fish again.

Six: Though it still feels like summer in Los Angeles, I can't help but look ahead for Sloan's wardrobe. I love these sweet pumpkin-colored leggings that I'll put her in for our upcoming fall-centric activities.


Seven: I was recently at a photo shoot when the super-cool photographer came in wearing this funny embroidered tee shirt. It's the perfect boyish cut and striped print, but the profanity makes it anything but preppy. 

Eight: Helena Christensen has always been my favorite model so I was thrilled to see her in the most recent issue of Porter Magazine. While I love the insight to her life, I mostly liked seeing pictures of her in beautiful bohemian dresses with her signature smudged eyeliner.


Nine: I’ve been packing my lunch to the office, and this metal lunchbox has proven to be one of my best purchases: It's lightweight and airtight, and keeps all the different components to my meals separate. My favorite lunch right now is broccoli salad, sous vied chicken, and pita bread with hummus. 

Ten: I'm a big fan of skin oils (as displayed here and here), but this one from Susanne Kaufmann is the one I've been partial to as of late. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, so I keep this bottle displayed on the tub tray. Bonus: it works just as well as it is good-looking, and leaves my skin feeling silky after my morning shower.


Eleven: It's been excruciatingly hot in LA this month and these basic muscle tees from Topshop have been my saving grace. It's just about the only thing I can stomach putting on in the morning because they're super soft, breathable and comfortable. I try to make them a little more feminine by wearing a lacy bralette underneath that peeks through the arm holes. 

Twelve: We're slowly but surely getting the new office together, and our first plan of action is to get some greenery into the space. This sweet Ivy Muse plant stand would be the perfect final touch for our waiting area. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.