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My World October

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that I'm currently enjoying.
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One: I try to always find a balance when dressing Sloan, conscious of not overdoing it with ruffles, bows and pink, but sometimes a girly moment is a necessity. This minimalist tutu is so sweet and I love that I can throw it on over a more androgynous outfit.

Two: Tulum is one of my favorite spots and though I've never been to Coqui Coqui resort, I've heard incredible things about the beautifully rustic space. Until I visit in person, this candle from their spa, will have to do. There are several scents, but the orange blossom, which smells like a combination of the sea, coconuts and flowers, is my current favorite and instantly transports you to a tropical place.


Three: I recently got around to organizing my jewelry, though all of my studs are still aggregated into a massive lump inside an oversized dish. Since there are few chic ways of corralling my littlest earrings, I was excited when I discovered this moon stud holder.

Four: I recently tried out the restaurant, Cassia, in Santa Monica and it did not disappoint. It's a gorgeous open space with good drinks and inventive dishes. But it was their smoked salmon dip, with pickled shallots and horseradish on grilled country bread, that raised the bar on all appetizers.


Five: I have a collection of simple totes that are great for lugging to the farmers' market or for carrying all of Sloan's essentials. But since they're plain, I love attaching these cute bag charms that add a playful element to an ordinary piece. I'm partial to the popsicle, but the egg and the perfume bottle are also great.

Six: The Broad, L.A.'s new contemporary art museum, just opened up downtown and is within walking distance from our office (you can reserve tickets online for free). I've heard a lot about the Infinity Mirrored Room and look forward to seeing the massive collection of Andy Warhol pieces.


Seven: My dad introduced me to The Milk Carton Kids a couple of years back (my favorite song is 'New York'), but they've been in heavy rotation, around the office, for the past few weeks. Their harmonies are incredible and their quiet, folky-sound is perfect getting work done or preparing dinner with a glass of wine. 

Eight: I used to think of belts as more of an accessory afterthought and had a collection of cheapie options that didn't really work with anything. I treated myself to a high-end piece for my 30th birthday and am constantly impressed by its ability to take any outfit to the next level. I've since added this belt to my wish list, since the bow adds a feminine twist, but the neutral color and sleek design keep it from feeling overly girly.


Nine: More often than not, I want to grab an easy cross-body bag that I can just throw on over my outfit. This one looks super luxe, lies flat and the saffron color feels so current for fall.  

Ten: It's no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday and this year I really want to up our decorating game. These pumpkin silhouettes manage to walk that line of looking slightly creepy without going full-blown cheesy.


Eleven: I've spoken before about trying to make a distinct separation from using technology while with Sloan and this article offers a unique perspective that I found refreshing.

Twelve: In last month's 'My World,' I featured the muscle-tee I've been living in and mentioned how I like to wear them with a little lace bra. I hadn't found one that I adored until this one, that hits a little lower onto your rib cage and is very flattering.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.