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My World - July

A new monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that I'm currently enjoying.
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One: We've been such homebodies the past couple of months and it's been inciting my wanderlust. These beautiful city guides from Cereal Magazine make me want to get on a plane to Paris as soon as possible. 

Two: I love wearing these elegant arc earrings from WWake with my hair pulled back. They're minimal and delicate, but unique enough to be conversation starters. I've had random people approach me to ask who makes them.


Three: I can't wait for our next beach day so that we can put Sloan in the newest addition to her wardrobe. This sherbet-colored Mini Rodini swimsuit is so sweet, and makes me wish they made an adult version.

Four: Morgan Spurlock's newest project, Crafted is a twenty-five minute documentary that follows dedicated artisans in their field, including a Japanese earthenware maker and the chefs at Bar Tartine, in San Francisco. It was a quick-yet-captivating thing to watch on Amazon Prime while eating dinner on the couch. 


Five: Though I've been loyal to Diptyque and Le Labo for ages, I just discovered this well-priced candle that smells amazing. Maison Louis Marie No. 04 Bois de Balincourt has sandalwood and cedarwood notes and at $34, is half the cost of other luxury candles. Bonus points for its simple design and 60-hour burning time.

Six: After a long day of work and getting Sloan down to sleep, the last thing I want to do is hang out in a hot kitchen. I've been favoring easy dinners that G and I can both make together and this bright and flavorful Greek salad, has been on rotation at least once a week.


Seven: Who knew that two ingredients could taste so decadent? Juice Served Here's 'Cream Party' tastes like dessert in a bottle and is a go-to summer drink. Now that a location has opened in Silverlake (closer to our house), I've been indulging a bit more often. 

Eight: I'm addicted to a the podcast Mystery Show hosted by Starlee Kine. Starlee spends each episode trying to solve life’s smallest mysteries (including how tall Jake Gyllenhal really is). Some of the episodes are poignant while others are hilarious and discovering this new show has made my morning walk go by so quickly.


Nine: I wear tank tops a lot and there's nothing sexier than a lace bralette peeking out from underneath. I especially love this flamingo-colored one from Hanky Panky that has a thicker band at the bottom that provides extra support. 

Ten: I love my new low maintenance hair color, so I've been experimenting with slightly more complicated hairstyles, like this knotted fishtail braid. It's hassle-free but still makes it look like I tried.


Eleven: This neon pink Christopher Kane x NARS blush looks like an intimidating color in the palette, but it's actually a super sheer, natural shade. I tap my brush into the pigment and blow off any extra product before swiping it onto my cheeks. I've even mixed a bit with chapstick to make a flattering tinted balm. 

Twelve: My post-pregnancy goals of eating healthier and making time for exercise don't always align with my current mood or energy level. I started using MyFitnessPal with a friend and it's been a motivational way for me to track my fitness and discover the correct portion sizes I should be having (I had been eating roughly 4x the appropriate amount of nuts for my mid-afternoon snack). It makes it into more of a game instead of some rigid diet.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.