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My World August

A new monthly series, corralling the various food, products and entertainment that I'm currently enjoying.
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One: Phoebe, our Art Director has been eating this sheep’s milk yogurt for years and she finally turned me on to it. She warned that once I tried it I would never be able to eat store-bought yogurt again. She was right. Despite it being healthy, it’s unbelievably rich and creamy and the fresh fruit adds just the right amount of sweetness. I love the apricot and boysenberry, but my favorite is orange, which uses a small touch of bitter rind. I’ve been eating it every morning spread over waffles, or topped with a little granola.

Two: I have this editorial from Net-a-Porter saved on my computer. There’s something so appealing about combining a sultry makeup look against a cozy knit, and Taylor Schilling helped me realize you can have a dramatic eyebrow and light hair without it looking weird. I've been inspired and have been trying a thicker brow recently, because of this shoot.


Three: I’ve been wanting to invest in a nice timepiece for a while and couldn’t find anything that felt like a slight step up from the chunky, oversized gold watch that everyone (including me) has. A friend introduced me to an Anglo-Swedish brand called Larsson and Jennings and I like their minimalist design that's sophisticated and sleek.

Four: Last year, I got G a coffee subscription for Christmas where we get a new beans delivered to us every month. It's been fun to experience the variety of roasters and beans from all over the world.


Five: I’ve never been a huge churro fanatic (unless I’m at Disneyland…then all bets are off), but as soon as Churro Borough opened up, I knew I needed to give it a go. I’m celebrating this new relationship between ice cream and warm cinnamon dough, by hitting up the shop way too's dangerously close to our house.

Six: It’s weirdly hard to find a good throw pillow: they’re either overly graphic for me (chevron, ikat) or simply too plain. I like this pillow from Eskayel because it feels like a little work of art or a beautiful Rorschach test. The pillows come in a variety of appealing colors and patterns and I'm planning for this one to go on the glider in Sloan’s room.


Seven: We take a lot of pride in how we put our appetizers together, and though we put thought into our cheese boards, I usually serve olives in a plain bowl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I love this marble olive dish. It doesn’t take up much real estate and makes the olives feel like part of the platter.

Eight: When you have a larger chest, it can feel like you’re relegated to wearing mumus or overly revealing pieces. Reformation has launched a line called “For Boobs” and I'm really excited to pick up some pieces.


Nine: I looked for a chic mobile for months and I wanted it to be both beautiful and innovative in its design. This piece by Dana Haim balances those two things perfectly, and I’m planning on putting this over the changing table to keep Sloan occupied.

Ten: This pair of casual, comfortable kicks are the perfect summer weekend shoe.  They feel a little retro without looking like the New Balance sneakers my dad wears and the subtle seersucker print, with neon coral details, make them just modern enough.


Eleven: My parents have been coming down to visit us (read: Sloan) at least once a month and this last time, they spent the hours-long commute listening to audiobooks. By the time they go back home they’ve listened to a good 12 hours worth! Now that we have the option to check out e-books and audiobooks for free through the Los Angeles Public Library, I plan on downloading them for my morning walks.

Twelve: Our utilitarian kitchen towels are unfortunate looking and since we have two sinks, there are always towels scattered all over our island and counters. We recently got this colorful set from Coyuchi, and they’re not only pretty, but since they come in a variety of colors, it's easy to switch it up from day to day.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.