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My Workout Essentials

Everything I keep in my gym bag for dance class and workouts.
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1. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones ($149.95): G recently purchased these headphones for me and they've quickly become my favorite for morning walks and jogs (which I've been getting back into!).

2. Varley Kingsmill Revive Sweater ($120): This sweatshirt is unbelievably soft, but the best part is the open V in the back, which looks great and keeps me cool after working out.

3. Lululemon Towel ($18): My dance class makes me rain sweat, so I keep this towel by my water bottle to pat down between songs.

4. Kitsch Pastel Hair Ties ($50): These hair ties do a great job of keeping my hair out of my face, so I can keep my blowout fresh and kink-free.

5. Varley Hillcrest Stirrup Leggings ($120): This brand is my new favorite—really, I put it to the test against ten other legging brands (in an upcoming post!). They're so soft, flattering, and hold me in without being uncomfortable, plus I love the look of the mesh cut-outs.

6. Graphic Grip Duffle Bag ($38): It's surprisingly difficult to find a great gym bag—one that's large, has lots of pockets, and is office-appropriate—but this one is pretty close to perfect and the price is right.

7. Glitter Bomb Water Bottle ($24): While I prefer a neutral wardrobe, I love adding a punch of color with a fun water bottle, like this glittery option by 

8. Braided Front Headband ($18): I started wearing this headband to dance class to keep fly-aways in check, but also looks cute!

9. Agent Nateur Deodorant ($21): I cycle through natural deodorants (which I think is part of the deal), but this one has been the most effective. I keep one in my bag for a quick swipe before and after class.

10. Varley Sports Bra ($65): I have a large bust size and it can be challenging to find a cute bra that also holds me in, but this one does the trick. I also love the subtle marble print.

11. Clutch Super Invisible Socks ($10.00): These come in a variety of colors and do not slide down, which is essential for a no-show sock.

12. Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs ($14): G turned me onto these after he started using them for cycling. I always keep them in my gym back so I can toss one into my water bottle for quick hydration.

13. Lululemon Yoga Mat ($68): Invest in a good mat so you don't have to use the studio's (which I never fully trust!). This one provides ample padding for everything from downward dog to savasana.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.