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My 10 Favorite Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

For when you wanna getaway.
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Travel has always been a priority for me—if there's a pair of shoes I'm dying to buy, the only thing I need to do is remind myself of all the places I haven't visited to put them back down. Yes, visiting Paris or Cambodia (two places at the top of my list!) is a lot more expensive than cute slides but, with enough motivation and initiative to save, there's almost always a way to make it happen. The only issue may be the ever-growing list of places I want to visit. These Instagram accounts don't help—they're filled with adventures from middle-of-nowhere sand dunes to urban jungles—but just looking at them is inspiration enough to take the plunge and buy tickets, or head down a dirt road. Here are ten of my favorite travel accounts to follow on Instagram:


What to expect: Cityscapes, beauty found in common urban scenes, and I-need-to-hike-there-immediately landscapes
Click here to follow: @samhorine


What to expect: Accessible travel tips and locations and overlooked destinations
Click here to follow: @budgettraveller


What to expect: Editorial-quality photos from all over the world, but with an emphasis on French towns
Click here to follow: @kirstenalana


What to expect: Shots of one of my favorite countries in the world (there are limitless beautiful places there) taken from multiple perspectives
Click here to follow: @perhapsyouneedalittleguatemala


What to expect: Adventures with a loveable coonhound, impromptu lake-dips, and photos of someone who makes the most out of life
Click here to follow: @thiswildidea


What to expect: A few too many selfies, but beautiful photos of the world's must-see places
Click here to follow@lesleyannemurphy


What to expect: Dramatic landscapes, wild animals, unbelievably beautiful starscapes
Click here to follow: @danielkordan


What to expect: Intimate stories, an obvious joy for life in nature-filled destinations all over the United States, and epic car karaoke videos
Click here to follow: @ruthielindsey


What to expect:Highly edited, but other-wordly photos, clever captions, and adventures with his girlfriend
Click here to follow: @colerise


What to expect: Outdoor adventures like surfing and sailing, stories about people who live in the most amazing places
Click here to follow: @chrisburkard 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.