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My 10 Best Buys of 2013

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Over the course of a year, it's easy to accumulate a lot of things. Some of them prove to be better than the rest - those items you find yourself reaching for constantly or that somehow make your life just a bit simpler. I rounded up my favorites and narrowed it down to my ten best buys of 2013.


Mophie Juice Pack Air. I'm on my phone a lot and before I got my Mophie, my battery would give out on me somewhere around two o'clock each afternoon. This propels me through the day so that I never have to go without my GPS or even worse, Instagram.


Push top nail polish remover. I usually paint my nails at home, so in order to make the experience a bit more spa-like and a little less beauty-school-dropout, I rely on several tools, my most recent is this nail polish remover. The quality is better than what I've found in drugstores, so I can use less to get the job done (plus the push top dispenses the liquid easily).


Leather jacket. My search for the perfect leather jacket took close to two years, but it was well worth the investment in both time and money. I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my closet and love that it gets even better with age.


RMS illuminator. I have a rather embarrassing collection of illuminators, but this one, that a friend gave me recently, is my favorite. I dab it onto my cheeks and unlike other ones I've used in the past, it somehow stays put the whole day and gives my skin a natural, subtle glow.


Coconut LaCroix. We've been buying LaCroix sparkling waters for a while, but only discovered the coconut flavor this past year. Besides the fact that it tastes amazing, it also has zero sodium and all natural flavors.


DKNY lace underwear. Finding underwear that's comfortable without verging into large-granny-bloomers is tough. If I'm not wearing something that requires a thong, these briefs are my go-to (plus the scalloped edges and lace detailing makes them feel a bit special). 


Zoe Chicco Earrings. I was never an earring kind of girl until I discovered these. They offer just a hint of sparkle, but are still simple enough to wear every day.


Zara sandals. I don't typically buy two of same thing in different colors, but I made an exception with these sandals. For a single-soled shoe, they're remarkably comfortable and work just as well with boyfriend jeans as they do with a slinky cocktail dress.


Candle wick trimmer. I burn candles constantly, so it's kind of ridiculous that I only recently bought a candle wick trimmer. I always thought scissors worked just as well, but for larger candles where you really have to get in there, this is essential.


Modkat litter box. Our cats are seriously messy and the areas around their litter boxes used to resemble a beach (albeit a slightly gross one). This litter box is not only sleek, but it's also cut down on the mess quite significantly. It's pricer than a regular box, but the reusable liner and reduced clutter are worth the investment.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.