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My New Favorite Cookbook for Weeknights and a Spring Home Refresh

Plus, a 90s-inspired album.

So far, home ownership can best be described as a series of projects Jonah and I receive professional quotes for, then decide to do ourselves (queue us neck-deep in skim coat plaster, googling "will this electrocute me?" and renting power-tools from Home Depot that barely fit in our car). This weekend, we decided to remove the bumpy orange peel texture from our walls, partially inspired by this Reel and an overly optimistic can-do attitude. The project turned out to be, like most house projects, far more difficult than we ever imagined it would be, but also so satisfying once we saw the finished result. While there may still be a fine layer of dust over, well, everything in our house, it was all worth it to save money and see our living room start to take shape. We still have a ways to go—we have some big plans for our fireplace and I just ordered a beautiful overhead light I can't wait to install—but every improvement has left me feeling more empowered and inspired to fill my weekends with even more spring refresh projects. I'm happy to share more about our home DIYs if there's an interest! Here are a few other things I loved this week:


Put simply, I love Julia Turshen's new cookbook Simply Julia, but not just for the number of recipes I've cooked from it this week alone (her Fancy Weeknight Salmon Salad is so good, I'll be sharing it here soon!). It's also the perfect thing to read while your Pear and Polenta Cake bakes or Triple Carrot Soup simmers, as it's filled with introspective, funny, and helpful lists, from conversation topics to ways to use buttermilk. It's the type of cookbook that will make you want to move to a 1850s farmhouse in New York and grow a garden. If that sort of thing appeals to you too, I highly recommend you pick up a copy!


Even if you aren't a Gen Z wunderkind, chances are you've heard the remix of the (extremely-fun-to-say) band, beabadoobee's "Coffee." But I'm here to recommend some of her lesser-Tik-Toked singles, which have a satisfyingly '90s vibe that wouldn't be out of place on the '10 Things I Hate About You' soundtrack. As evidence, imagine a montage of Julia Stiles getting ready to "Last Day on Earth" or Drew Barrymore walking into South Glen South High School to "Care."


In Alex Michaelides's psychothriller, The Silent Patient (which many of you probably read when it came out in 2019!), Alicia Berenson hasn't spoken a word since she violently murdered her husband. Similar to "The Sinner" Season 1, we're left wondering why such a "normal" person would suddenly commit such an atrocious crime. The truth unfolds as a forensic psychotherapist (with a potentially unhealthy obsession with Alicia...) begins to put together the pieces and uncover the truth. 

2 copy

1. Will you be watching this, or too soon?

2. The sonorous war cry of a very angry frog. (Just trust me and click the link.)

3. A short list of pleasant movies about pleasant people doing pleasant things.

4. Japanese cherry blossoms are yet even more evidence for climate change.

5. I've been on a major Macklemore kick since listening to his (surprisingly revelatory) interview on Armchair Expert

6. This is... a thing of cinematic beauty.

7. So excited for Ted Lasso Season 2 and so, so excited for Shrill Season 3!

8. I think we can all agree that Instagram for children is a horrible idea. 

9. For those curious, I ended up keeping these Levi's of the jeans I bought from Shopbop's sale. (I loved the Re/Done jeans I also tried, but couldn't justify a price difference of $85!)

10. Dying for a how-to of this headboard!

11. My friend/idol/general badass Ali Stroker wrote a book that any Broadway-obsessed person (hi, hello) will love! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.