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My Funniest Car Memory

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You know that scene from Bridesmaids, when Kristen Wiig's character shows up to that fancy bridal shower in her run down car and it sputters to a stop at the entrance? I was laughing so hard in the theater that I thought I was going to have to go catch my breath in the lobby. The reason was largely in part because I had an almost identical experience when I first started my career.

While my car wasn't quite as bad as the one in the movie, it was an old hand-me-down from my grandfather and had taken quite a beating after it came into my possession. There were multiple times when I forgot to close the windows when it rained, resulting in what G affectionately called "the black mold mobile." In short, it smelled, I'd gotten it pretty banged up (I used to take parking garage turns a bit too fast) and it had no air conditioning or heat. But nothing prepared me for what was easily one of my most embarrassing moments involving my 1999 Honda Accord.

When my blog first started gaining some traction in 2009, I met with some large talent agencies in L.A. These places are overwhelming: they have the same sterile, intimidating environment and lots of important-looking people in suits. I was nervous anytime I had to go in.  However, there was one meeting in particular where I was really feeling good about it. I had a great outfit, hit no traffic on the way there and I felt like it was the right opportunity. As I was turning into the parking garage, I felt a slight jolt and my car stalled. I was in the middle of a busy street, so I put my yield lights on, got out of the car and scrambled over to the sidewalk. I flagged down a policeman to help me push the car out of the way so that I wasn't stopping traffic. While I helped heave my car off the road (in heels and a silk dress) the entire team of people I was about to meet drove by. They were all sympathetic and slightly unsure of how to help, so I just bellowed that I'd be a few minutes late to the meeting, trying to sound as casual as possible.

Once the car was off to the side, the policeman asked if I'd tried to restart the car. Since it was the first time I'd had a car stall, I hadn't even thought of trying that (I assumed it was dead for sure). But, of course, with one twist of the key, it was up and running again. I thanked the officer, sheepishly pulled into the garage and showed up to my meeting, drenched in sweat.

I'd love to know - do you have a most embarrassing car moment?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.