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My First Tarot Card Reading

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I'm a logical person and rarely make emotion-based decisions: Truth be told, I err on the skeptical side when it comes to things like the supernatural, but I also find it a little fascinating. I recently visited Vardo Tarot, where reader Erin K. Smith works out of a renovated caravan, to see if she could give me some general insight about my past, present and future.


What I Expected: Because I'd never done a reading before, I didn't know what would happen. Part of me expected a crystal ball and an Oda Mae Brown character to welcome me into her darkened room. Admittedly, what I was a little nervous about was that Erin would draw the death card and tell me something bad was going to happen. I did have one big question about where I would end up – SF or LA – so I was interested to see if she had any guidance.

What actually happened: There was no crystal ball or dark lair, in fact, Erin's renovated van was a brightly colored space that was comfortable and inviting. She started off with a small prayer and then I was asked to shuffle the cards and split them into three decks with my left hand. I got a little worried as she flipped them over and explained that I had something in my past that had disappointed me greatly. Whatever this disappointment was, it was distracting me from seeing the beauty around me in my present. There was an Empress in my deck which means pregnancy (literal or figurative) so there may be a birth of sorts in my life. We just signed a lease for our first office space and feel like that positive energy was in play. Of course, I asked her my big question about San Francisco and Los Angeles and she essentially left me to make the decision, but said she could see me ending up in Northern California.

My takeaways: There were some things that Erin said that resonated with me. The biggest  was that I need to practice patience and let the universe do its job. I can get lost in my own thoughts, so it was a good reminder to turn off my "monkey brain" and enjoy my life. She also stated that there will be some big work and business things coming down the line and that helped me feel reinvigorated for what's to come. Erin travels around Los Angeles in her caravan so if you're local to the area, follow her on Twitter to see where she'll be next. 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.