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My Favorite Outfit Looks

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I've been blogging for nearly eight years and in that time, I've posted a lot of outfits. And though things have changed a lot since I was 24, there have been a few constants that have remained the same (mainly: my love of quality basics, stripes, classic silhouettes, and vintage touches). Here's a look back at ten of my all-time favorite looks.

Left: Some of my best shoe finds have been at Zara and these lace-up sandals are no exception. They're a fun addition to a black and white outfit and I always like the look of a jacket worn over the shoulders.

Right: This top has such a playful cut, which is why it's a nice juxtaposition to a classic pencil skirt. A couple of colorful touches in the form of pastel pink sunglasses and a reddish-orange lip keep the look from feeling too one dimensional.

Left: We shot this in Palm Springs right before our wedding when I was into really clean silhouettes with a vintage flair. The outfit felt retro without being costume-y and this makes me want to tie a silk scarf in my hair again.

Right: This sequined sweater is my all-time favorite vintage find. I stalked a girl in the thrift store who had it slung over her arm and I was so pumped when she opted not to take it home. It's funny how most of this look felt dated even a year ago, but now that flares and wedges are back, I could see myself wearing this entire outfit again. 

Left: This was one of those outfits that just worked immediately. Sometimes I have to tinker with a look for a while until it strikes that balance of being feminine, preppy and polished - and even though there are a lot of things at play here (stripes! neon! tweed! jeweled hair piece!), they all complement each other nicely.

Right: This Forever 21 sweatshirt is one of the most worn pieces in my closet. I usually throw it on with more of a casual outfit, but when paired with a woven skirt in the same shade, it looks luxe in a not-trying-too-hard kind of way. 

Left: This is a pretty straightforward look - plain t-shirt tucked into jeans with a striped jacket and pumps. But what I love about it is that it doesn't take much - a striped jacket (which I'd bought the day before in Florence on our honeymoon), some good dark sunglasses, and a strappy heel - to make it look refined and put-together.

Right: I've always been drawn to monochromatic white looks from head to toe, though I'd never found a pair of trousers that I actually loved. These hug in all of the right places and when topped off with a cape/coat and messy waves, the effect feels chic and timeless.

Left: San Francisco weather is notoriously tricky - going from sunny and warm to foggy and miserable within minutes. This was in the middle of the summer, so cut-offs and flat boots were ideal for walking around the city, but the star-printed blouse and navajo sweater added a slightly unexpected touch that also kept me from getting too cold. 

Right: G's favorite movie is 'Jaws' so I have a particular fondness for shark-related things. This sweatshirt (another Forever 21 find!) is a crazy bejeweled piece, but felt a lot tamer when worn with all black and topped off with a classic trench. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.