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My 15 Best Buys of 2019

Products that make my life simpler (and a bit more fun).
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1. Water Tumbler: Not only is this one of my most talked about items, but it's also the item you all loved most on my Instagram this year... and for good reason! This water tumbler has truly changed my life. For years, I walked around dehydrated, simply telling myself that I didn't need that much water. Thanks to this cup, I drink about 100x more than before. The insulated body keeps the liquid cool, and I reach it much more frequently because of the straw. I've noticed a substantial difference in my overall health and energy throughout the week. 


2. Cle de Peau The Foundation: At $250, this foundation is no small investment, but it has truly changed the way my makeup looks both in photos and person. The smallest amount of product completely lights up my face and spreads out evenly to create an inner glow. It hides any imperfections, without fully covering natural beauty marks and lines. If you're looking to make one beauty investment in 2020, this is it! 

3. Ice Mask: I find the best products on weekends away with my girlfriends. When my friends and I were in New Orleans for Halloween, Cristina took out her pastel-colored ice mask, and I was instantly obsessed. Unlike other de-puffing masks, she was able to be mobile while wearing the mask because of the velcro straps on the back. After our trip, our entire group proceeded to buy a mask (in different colors). Of course, Sloan had to get one of her own too ;)


4. Nike Sneakers (similar here): I was pretty hesitant to join the dad sneaker trend. I've been loyal to my Golden Goose sneakers for years since they're easy to wear with most pieces in my closet. After seeing Jess wear this pair in silver though, I decided to give them a try, and I'm sooo glad I did. I wear them with everything from The Great sweatsuits to my Ganni wrap dress. They're feminine in color, but the chunky heels break up my traditional routine. 


5. Annual Disneyland Pass: Unlike my husband, I was never a huge Disneyland person before I had Sloan, but now I love going as a family. The park is only 40 minutes away (if you time the traffic right), but it can feel like a mini-vacation. Sloan is at the perfect age to enjoy it too—we ride a few rides, over-eat, and try our best to make it to the evening light shows. Our days at Disneyland are some of my favorite memories as a family to date. 

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6. Tonal for Geoffrey: G isn't the easiest to shop for since he simply buys what he needs and wants on his own, so when he casually (not so casually) sent this to me, I got the hint right away. The Tonal is a great addition to our home gym, which we've moved from our guest house to a room off of our kitchen in our new home.

7. Zara Pants: I own these in every color. Really. They're flattering, affordable, and pair well with everything I own. My favorite shade is the faded black, but you can't go wrong with white or yellow.

8. Cotton Control Shortie Shorts CommandoI've never had good luck with Spanx. It just doesn't really do anything for me, but these shorts hold me in and create a seamless line under whatever I'm wearing, without the discomfort associated with shapewear. I highly recommend them for basically any dress or tight-fitting clothes!  


9. Gucci Purse: During our trip to Italy this summer, I finally invested in a work tote I could be proud of. After years of Madewell totes and farmers market bags, this tote makes a statement in any meeting. Plus, it fits literally everything (as seen in my very honest "what's in my bag" IGTV). 


10. Laird Coconut Creamer: I never appreciated or liked milk substitutes before this creamer. Adding just a little bit to my coffee every morning makes it feel so indulgent, with just the right amount of sweetness. I can't imagine my coffee without it! 


11. NARS Famous Red Lip Pencil: After years of searching, I've finally found my perfect red lip. The Nars lip is equal parts coral and fire hydrant red, and layered with a balm underneath, gives such a beautiful pop of color. 

12. Maybe You Should Talk to SomeoneI usually read a book and then forget about it, but I took extensive notes throughout this book and highlighted things I found helpful and interesting. As a big proponent of therapy, I can't recommend this book more highly. 

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13. The Great Grey Plain Sweatshirt: I've been gifted a million of their really fun, patterned sweatshirts over the years. From paint splatter to embroidered flowers, I'm beyond fortunate to have so many fun options for lounging around the house. When I saw my friend Brooke last summer, I stole one of her plain sweatshirts and then finally bought one for myself. At the time, I felt ridiculous and over the top, but I really love sweatshirts and slip into them the second I get home. Luckily, the amount of times I've worn this piece, and how much I love it, has more than justified the cost.



14. Moon Jar Money Box: Money management is never easy, so starting young is the key to future success. This piggybank divides your money into save, spend, and share sections. This way, Sloan can learn the importance of saving, all while having fun with her bank.

15. Suede NARS Palette: This palette has everything you need for a daily look, which makes travel far easier. There's shades of brown, several shimmers, and complementary colors for when you want to go deeper and darker at night. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.