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Last-Minute Mother's Day Ideas

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Mother's Day is this Sunday, so you still have time to put together a thoughtful gift. If you're in need of inspiration, I rounded up six of my favorites simple ideas from years past. This year, I made my mom thank you fortune cookies when she was in town (which unfortunately our cat Luna got her paws on while I was on a walk, before I could give them to my mom), but I plan to make her a little photo book featuring the last few months of memories. 

1. DIY bath tub tray, so she can relax comfortably. 

2. A photo book of special moments. (It's too late to order photos online, but you can get choice picks printed within an hour at most pharmacies, Target, etc.) 

3. Homemade ring trays, so she never loses her beloved jewelry. 

4. A simple flower arrangement made by you, versus someone else.

5. Sentimental sangria bar, so you can toast to your favorite things about her. 

6. Hand-crafted treat, almost too pretty to eat. 

Products in this post may contain affiliate links