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Monthly Motherhood Update: Sloan at 14 Months

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There was a big shift that happened when Sloan turned one in which my baby turned into a little girl. Sure, she still flails around and most of what she says is gibberish, but she's just different. Here's a glimpse at what she's up to at fourteen months old. 

Most heartwarming new thing she does: The older she gets, the more sweet things she does - it's such a fun age! She's been giving regular kisses for a while - these open-mouthed, slobbery things that I can't get enough of (well, unless she's eating yogurt - then things get really gross). But lately she's also been giving "eskimo kisses" where we both rub our noses together and it's so cute. She starts when she's about four feet away from me, shaking her head with her little nose wrinkled and her eyes closed, and just comes at me. 

Most frustrating new thing she does: If there's something she wants to do, she does not want to be told 'no.' That usually means when she's running towards something at full speed and you try to guide her in another direction, she'll get pissed. She used to be a lot more agreeable as a small baby and now she has an opinion about everything.

Latest biggest milestone: She started walking consistently a few weeks back and it's been so much fun. When G is with her in another room and she kind of just struts into the kitchen, it's pretty surreal to see. I've also seen a change in her overall demeanor since then. I feel like she'd been ready to walk for so long, but had been so overly cautious about it that it was making her kind of frustrated. She seems to be very impressed with her new skill.

Physical changes I'm noticing: It's hard to notice changes when I see her on a daily basis, but everyone comments on how old she looks. Granted, she has a ton of hair for a baby her age, but I also think her face is maturing. I'm going to be so sad when her chubby little cheeks morph into a little girl's features.

Any new personality traits she’s developed: Independence. G and I are both pretty independent people, so it's fun to see how that's developing in her. My mom suggested we get a little playpen to set up in the living room so that when we're in the middle of things, we don't have to watch her every second. I thought she wouldn't like it, but she's so happy in there! She'll "read" a book, play with her toy dog or hide and seek ,and it's great to have a little break to drink our coffee in the morning.

Biggest challenge I'm currently facing as a mother, personally: Not worrying. For quite a few months after Sloan was born, I felt almost anxiety-free (which is not the norm for me). But after a little medical procedure last month, in which we had to un-block her tear ducts, I was a wreck. I didn't sleep for weeks and when they took her out of my arms to go into surgery, I curled into the fetal position and wept. Everything went perfectly and her condition has completely cleared, but that anxiety I had been facing leading up to the procedure has unfortunately stayed with me a bit.

Biggest challenge I'm currently facing as a mother, in terms of parenting Sloan: Not being overprotective. Since she's a lot more mobile, I have a tendency to hover around her in order to avoid her falling. But the reality is, she's going to fall and as long as we've taken all of the safety precautions, I have to learn to let go a bit. The other day, she fell into our coffee table (which fortunately is made of wicker, so it's not that hard), and my entire stomach dropped. But within a couple of seconds of crying it out on my shoulder, she was fine and so was I. I can't control everything and that's one of the bigger lessons in life that I work on every day.

Her favorite food of the moment: My dad's french toast.

How are Sloan’s interactions at the playground different than they used to be: She used to be skeptical of every baby, child and adult (hi, stranger danger), but it's gotten a lot better. I mean, if some huge dude comes barreling towards her waving his arms, most likely she'll still freak out, but she's becoming a lot more social. 

Cutest new clothing she's wearing: She's doing a lot of rompers this spring. They're comfortable, good to move around in at the park and are just one item that you have to think of (even dresses require bloomers for babies). Plus, I love any opportunity that shows off her chubby little arms and legs.

Her relationship with each cat - does it differ? Funnily enough, she has a different relationship with all three cats! Cali, who's easily our craziest cat, is a doll with Sloan. She runs into the room anytime she hears the baby cry and will let her pet her to her heart's content. Luna, who's kind of mean to everyone but G and me, is also quite tolerant of the baby. Rocco is the only one who kind of tries to avoid her at all costs, which I also completely understand. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.