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Monthly Motherhood Update: Sloan at 12 months

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We just celebrated the huge milestone of Sloan's first birthday, which I'm basically still in denial about. Here are the hallmarks of her developing little personality at twelve months old.  

Silliest thing she does: I’m pretty sure this has to do with teething (she already has eight teeth!), but she closes her mouth and accumulates a ton of saliva. Maybe she’s self conscious about how much she drools or something, but she’ll store it for like, 15 minutes. And then, all of sudden, she opens her mouth and a ton of liquid comes pouring out (we call it a saliva bomb). It would be kinda gross if it wasn’t so weird and funny.

Food she just started liking: Zucchini. She found the texture a bit questionable at first, but now she loves it.

Food she refuses to eat: Lentils. This one, I get. I’m not that big into lentils either, but they’re good for her, so we keep trying to sneak them into things. She catches us immediately and refuses to eat them.

Favorite word this month: Kitty. Since our house is overrun with cats, Sloan is always pointing and calling at them anytime she sees them.

Thing that makes her the absolute happiest/guaranteed smile: Sloan isn’t one of those babies who has a constant grin on her face. She makes you work for it. But the minute you put her on your shoulders, she can’t contain her happiness. She thinks it’s hilarious and enjoys a good dance session where she’ll keep the beat on top of our heads.

Thing that makes her furious or annoyed/guaranteed cry: We have this really cute interactive dog book, where you pull things and dogs pop up out of the pages. She hates it. It really freaks her out. She has the cat version though, and loves it (go figure), so I’m hoping she’ll come around to it. Other than that, she’s a pretty chill baby, I guess until you try to take something out of her hands. Then it’s game on.

Latest “trick” she’s learned: Feeding us Cheerios. Each morning after Sloan finishes her bottle, we’ll sit her in her high chair and give her some Cheerios. I think it’s her favorite part of the day since she just sits there squealing when she knows we’re going to the pantry to pull out the box of cereal. Lately she’s been very sweet about offering them to us and will kind of beckon us over to where she is and feed us Cheerios. I’ve learned the hard way though, that we have to be wary of what she’s offering. The other day I went over, knelt down and opened my mouth and she stuck some sort of unidentified object into my mouth, which I ate. I think it was part of a scrambled egg from a few days prior. Needless to say, we’re much more careful when it comes to letting her feed us.

Biggest surprise about this age: I’d say the biggest surprise to me is that she already has such an established sense of humor. Besides the fact that she constantly wants to play hide-and-seek (and spy on us while we look for her), she understands jokes and will shake her head ‘no’ anytime I ask her a question, which she finds quite comical.

Area she’s made the most progress on: Patience. For a while I felt like if I didn’t move at lightning speed when doing something for her (i.e. changing her diaper, getting her in the morning once she woke up, making her bottle), she’d get cranky. But we’ve been trying to make her wait a bit, so as not to feel like her personal servants, and it’s starting to work.

Personality traits you’re noticing at this age: Her shyness. At home, we call Sloan ‘baby beast’ since she’s loud and crazy and never stops moving. But when we’re out and about where there are a lot of people around, she’s really introverted and shy. She has a lot of musical instruments at home (a drum, tambourine, ukulele, etc.) and loves to play all of them, but in her weekly music classes with other babies, she kind of freezes up and just watches everyone else.

She’s most like Geoffrey when she: is concentrating. We call it her ‘busy face’ when she’s reading or trying to figure out a puzzle and has this intense expression. He gets similarly absorbed into things and they pretty much look like twins.

She’s most like me when she is: sensitive. We obviously don’t scold her often, but anytime she’s doing something dangerous and I make a noise to stop her, she gets upset. I also hate getting reprimanded and see so much of myself in her that it’s crazy.

Biggest challenge you’re experiencing as a mom at this age: Separation anxiety. This is something we’re both going through and it’s tough. Sloan gets sad when I say goodbye to her, which makes leaving that much harder. And when I need to travel for work, it’s getting more and more difficult to be away from her.

Thing you’re most excited about as a mom: The other day, G and I went out for ice cream and saw two little girls in line in front of us. They were about three years old and it was so cute seeing them hold their cones and excitedly skip out of the store. I can’t wait for a hot summer day when we’re able to do the same with Sloan.

Sloan at 12 months, is, in one word: Curious.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.