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Mexican Getaway

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For our one-year anniversary, we booked a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. I'd been before, but not since eighth grade with my parents, when I listened to the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack repeatedly on my Discman. Our main goals for this vacation were simple: close proximity to the beach in a quiet, secluded place. We decided on Viceroy Riviera Maya and enjoyed every minute of it. Our days were blissfully unscheduled and relaxing - here's a little glimpse of what they looked like.

Each morning we'd have breakfast by the pool. It's my favorite meal, so I didn't mess around. I'd usually start with Huevos Rancheros or Chilaquiles, a plate of fresh fruit, a basket filled with pastries, and a green know, to keep things healthy.


After loading on the sunscreen (we were slathered in SPF 70 the whole time), we'd settle in to one of the cabanas on the beach. The weather was warm and humid, which was great, except that my frizzy hair made me look like Simba.


I'd alternate between reading my book (I finished and loved Dark Places), flipping through magazines, and taking intermittent naps. I'd only check email once at night (and solely for pictures of our cats from our friend who was watching them). At first I slightly panicked about being disconnected, but then realized how refreshing it was not to feel so dependent on technology.


Around mid-morning, I'd order a fresh coconut to drink, which would later get cut up so that I could eat the meat as well. It was served with lime wedges and salty spices that I'm definitely replicating at home.


One afternoon we went to Tulum to check out the Mayan Ruins. They were spectacular in person - their silhouettes against the ocean were so picturesque that they almost seemed fake. Of course I also spent a good amount of time stressing about the massive iguanas roaming around - I was fairly convinced they were all conspiring to swallow me whole.


We only did a bit of shopping throughout our stay, but I loved walking through the open-air markets. All of the colors were so vibrant and bright.


And every evening at dusk, we'd go for a long walk along the beach. It was such a nice way to end each day.


We probably won't always be able to get away for our anniversary, but I feel so fortunate that our first one was this memorable.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.