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Men's Holiday Gift Guide - 2015

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1. Aether Bike Pant ($195): I've been living in these pants for the past few months and they are the perfect combination of technical design and tailoring. They're made for cyclists and feature some clever details, like reflective roll cuffs, water repellant (but breathable fabric) and enough stretch to ride comfortably, while keeping their shape. Even if you don't ride a bike, these pants can easily take you from the office to dinner, without sacrificing style.

2. Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure and Slow Cooker ($245): This is the kind of appliance you'd see on The Jetsons. Something that can sauté, steam, slow cook and braise, all with the push of a button. If you've been thinking about getting a slow cooker, or have always wanted a pressure cooker, I'd consider giving this a try and kill two birds with one stone.

3. Greats "The G-Knit" Sneaker ($79): I love this brand, from the design of their footwear, to their "direct-to-consumer" business model. I own more pairs than I need, but these knit low tops will most likely end up in my closet this season. All of their shoes are hand made in Italy, but sold at a reasonable price.

4. Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty ($22): After years of searching for a hair product with the perfect, medium-hold, matte-finish, I finally came across this brand. It's water based, so it washes out easily and doesn't leave any residue when applied. 

5. Leatherman Sidekick ($40): This is one of those tools that should be in every guy's bag, glove box, etc. You might not reach for it everyday, but you'd be surprised how often you actually use one of the 14 different accessories that come equipped on this tiny device. You don't need to be a boy scout to always be prepared. 

6. Smith's Sk-2 Sharpening Stones ($14): The first rule of any kitchen should be to keep your knives sharp. Not only is it easier to cut with a sharp knife, it's a lot safer. Using a stone every few months will keep your cutlery in prime condition and extend their lifetime of use. There are dozens of videos on YouTube that show you how to use a stone, so don't worry about it being too difficult.

7. Fallout 4 ($60): Arguably the biggest game of the year, the latest installment of this award winning series might make you a temporary video-game widow, but it'll bring hours (and hours, and hours) of enjoyment to the person you love.

8. St. George Bontanivore Gin ($30): Gin is our go-to spirit and we've tried quite a few over the years. This version is our current favorite, with a great balance of herbal notes and a hint of citrus. Em likes it in a classic martini, with a splash of olive juice.

9. Fleishers DIY Jerky Kit ($30): Whether you're on a high protein diet, or simply tired of spending money on surprisingly expensive dried meat, this DIY kit might be a nice solution. It comes with drying screens, two spice blends and instructions on how to craft 1lb of jerky.

10. Ursa Major Citrus Riot Body Wash ($24): Their face wash is one of the best I've used, so I'm willing to bet their body wash is amazing. Made from 100% organic ingredients and no chemicals or harmful additives, this is nice change from a basic bar of soap.

11. J. Crew Field Mechanic Jacket ($198): This vintage-inspired jacket is a great layering piece, with plenty of pockets for storage and a hooded collar, just in case you need a little coverage. Most people will lean towards the classic army green, but I'd go with the subdued navy. 

12. Amazon Prime Subscription ($99/year): This looks like an ad for Amazon Prime, but it's not. We've been subscribers for years, but lately we've really come to realize the value of this program. Not only do you get free two-day (sometimes one-day) shipping on thousands of products, you get access to Prime Video (which is neck-and-neck with Netflix), Prime Music (which is not as good as Spotify, but has millions of songs/albums to stream) Prime Photos (unlimited cloud storage) and Kindle Lending Library (to share books, of course.) Most people pay the same amount per year for a single service, so if you actually know someone who doesn't have a Prime membership, it's kind of an amazing gift to give (but you'll let them renew it).

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.