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Men's Gift Guide 2014

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Here's my annual installment of gift recommendations for that special guy (or guys) in your life. Happy Holidays! - G


1. Aether Pinnacle Jacket ($445) - I have a thing for urban sportswear and have lusted after this jacket for years. The guys at Aether are the best at merging design with tactical materials to create updated versions of classic outerwear.

2. Denim Wash ($20) - Some guys won't wash their jeans for months, much to the chagrin of their loved ones. If you have a denim devotee who's trying to wear-in their raw, selvedge jeans to perfection, this wash may be in order. Designed to maintain color and denim condition, this enzyme-free wash won't ruin months of dirty dedication.

3. APC Formal Chinos ($235) The name of these pants is kind of oxymoronic, but if I'm not wearing my usual jeans, I'm wearing these. The tailored cut is sleeker than most cotton chinos, while also having a little stretch, to help keep their form.

4. Baxter of California Travel Kit ($50) - I use several Baxter products, but their shave cream and lotions are some of my favorites. Most hotel toiletries are kind of harsh, so treat your man to a little luxury on his next trip.

5. Harry's Shave (various rates) -  Razors are confusingly expensive, especially if you shave regularly. This service, created by guys from Warby Parker, provides high quality blades, creams and balms for a fraction of the price of retail razors. They also tailor their subscription offers based on how often you shave.

6. Guanto Formentera Minimalist Gloves ($80) - In the age of smartphones and tablets, providing access to your fingertips has become a necessity. While there are tech gloves designed for touch screens, don't turn your guy into that nerd. These Italian wool hand warmers are functional and stylish.  

7. Apolis Market Bag ($58) - I purchased this bag earlier in the year and it's not only one of the items I use the most, it always receives compliments when people see it. It also supports a group of artisans from emerging markets, to provide employment, eduction and social advocacy.     


1. ROK Espresso Maker ($190) - Home espresso makers have evolved over the years, from smaller versions of professional machines, to simplified single-serving machines (i.e. Nespresso). While I love the simplicity of the single serve machines, I've always found the pre-packaged flavors to be lacking. This streamlined maker uses hand pressure to force the water through the grounds, creating a more authentic espresso pull, while also looking great on your countertop.

2. Crane Grater ($40) - Most kitchen tools are built solely for function, but this copper grater is not only useful, but one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen.

3. Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24) - Unless you're flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, the chances of getting a specialty cocktail during your flight are pretty slim. This small kit provides all the necessary ingredients (except the alcohol) to make a classic old fashioned.

4. OCD Chef Cutting Board ($20) - If you've ever looked at a recipe that calls for a 1/4" diced onion and wanted it to be perfect, this cutting board is for you. Showcasing a precise grid and measurement tools, you'll always have perfectly sized ingredients.

5. Benton's Bacon ($30 for 4 lbs) - I used to think all bacon was pretty much the same, until I tried this speciality version from the hills of Tennessee. They use a slow dry-cure method and hickory smoke to create a flavor that has incredible depth and the right balance of savoriness. We use it as the base for soups and dishes that need a little extra flavor, but it's also amazing as a breakfast side. Note, they usually take 10-15 days to ship.   

6. The Innovators ($21) - From the man who brought you the Steve Jobs' biography, this book tracks the history of the digital revolution, showing how 19th visionaries to the the leaders of modern day Silicon Valley, helped shape our modern world. 


1. Ryobi Phone Works ($20 - $130) - These attachable devices turn your smart phone into a variety of specialty tools, including a stud sensor, laser level, inspection scope, infrared thermometer and more. 

2. Go Pro Hero 4 ($400) - The leader in first-person video capturing and action shots, their new camera offers updated controls and functions, to produce cinema quality videos. 

3. Native Union Night Cable ($40) - This simple device provides a solution to a problem many people have experienced, keeping their phones cable on the desk/nightstand. With a longer cord and weighted knot, that can be moved up and down the length of the cord, you'll always know where your charger is located. 

4. Phantom 2 Vision Drone ($1,300) - This is one of the those grown up toys that a lot of guys want, but don't need. However, if the man in your life is looking to start an arial film hobby, or if you want to take your home movies to the next level, this is one of the best drones on the market.

5. Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard ($45) - Connect your phone and tablet into the same keyboard and switch seamlessly between each device while typing. Featuring a built in cradle that will hold multiple devices in landscape or portrait mode, this might be a great solution for people who are looking to ditch their laptop.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.