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Links I Love

Nine great stories from around the web.
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1. The brands that are actually behind Trader Joe’s snacks

2. This website makes “modern art” out of any image by simplifying it to core elements

3. Tips for wearing heels without damaging your feet. 

4. Why dirt is good (and why kids need exposure to germs). 

5. I love the simplicity of this DIY circle shelf

6. This common American conversation starter is considered rude in most other places. 

7. How do you “laugh” in text messages

8. Here’s how much water you should drink to stay hydrated while exercising. 

9. Money can’t buy happiness, but time-saving services can. 

P.S., Below are five bonus links of the pieces I found most helpful (where to donate, what to do in support of victims) and interesting (how to process and cope) in response to what took place last week in Charlottesville:

1. America's uncomfortable history of downplaying racism and white-supremacy.

2. Enter your zip code at the bottom of this page to find an event where you can stand in solidarity with Charlottesville victims. 

3. How to help the victims in Charlottesville right now (and where to donate). 

4. A reminder that inaction is the same thing as complicity

5. How racism has moved from the margins to the mainstream.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.