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Links I Love

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1. The most beautiful beet and goat cheese appetizer. (chalkboardmag.com)

2. Loving Amber's chic use of small space. (amberinteriordesign.com)

3. This makes me want to start a reading club. (wsj.com)

4. A hilarious and creative instagram account of a man and his dog. (buzzfeed.com)

5. How to take your food photography to the next level. (6bittersweets.com)

6. Cheat sheet to being a great negotiator. (thoughtcatalog.com) 

7. An adorable (and simple!) hot chocolate idea for Halloween. (familyfreshmeals.com)

8. A salt cellar DIY that would make a great gift. (designsponge.com)

9. Knife skills and techniques. (theeverygirl.com)