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Links I Love

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1. Adorable DIY party hats for a festive occasion. (almostmakesperfect.com)

2. How to leave work at the office. (oprah.com)

3. Stunning, perfectly laid out photography. (mashable.com)

4. Always love a new braid idea. (barefootblonde.com)

5. A chic cutting board DIY that would make a great gift. (francoisetmoi.com)

6. How to become a better listener. (inc.com)

7. Obsessed with this menu hacks website - yes to fries + Big Mac sauce at McDonalds! (hackthemenu.com)

8. Blooming monogram idea. (archieli.com)

9. A tart that's almost too pretty to cut into. (hipfoodiemom.com)