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Links I Love

Nine things you shouldn't miss from around the web.
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1. S'more pudding pie. (mattbites.com)

2. Legendary movie scenes that were improvised. (emlii.com)

3. Easy DIY solid gold letters. (fallfordiy.com)

4. Unique lighting for under $150. (theeverygirl.com)

5. Sushi trivia. (thrillist.com)

6. 36 inspiring quotes from self-made billionaires. (inc.com)

7. The eyeliner shape you should be wearing. (vogue.com)

8. 20 tiny objects matched with Pantone swatches. (fastcodesign.com)

9. How cool are these coffee sketches? (honestlywtf.com)

P.S. For those of you in the Seattle area, I'll be at the downtown Nordstrom from 1-3pm this Saturday, July 18th. There will be food, drinks and I'll also be signing books. Looking forward to meeting everyone!