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Links I Love



I constantly come across interesting links online and decided to curate them into a new midweek series. This is obviously nothing revolutionary, but I wanted a new outlet for sharing the articles, items, and people that are inspiring me on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy!

1. Rainbow cupcakes that are almost too cute to eat. ( 

2. The sweetest silk pajama set for spring. (

3. For the "organizational porn" enthusiast. (

4. Following his love, all around the world. (

5. Excitable Corgi is excited. (

6. Floral jeans + slouchy sweater + simple sandals = future uniform (

7. Even though it's 80? in LA, this makes me crave hot chocolate. (

8. Rise of the well-dressed man. (

9. I've never gone camping, but I'd definitely consider "glamping." (

Products in this post may contain affiliate links