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Lie In The Sound

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Every time I visit New York, I'm blown away by the energy of the city. At all hours of the night, there's an electricity that simply can't be found in other places that I've visited. My trip was an exciting whirlwind of fashion-related events and blogger meet-ups, but I still managed to squeeze in some quiet time just for myself. Despite its reputation as "the city that never sleeps," I can always find comfort in fresh baked goods and a soft snow fall.


{A warm apple muffin, miniature chocolate cake and a latte. Yes, I occasionally have dessert after breakfast.}


{Snow-covered trees in Central Park}


{I loved to work while it snowed outside. It was so peaceful.}


{Jane's Iced Latte at Le Pain Quotidien}


{Hanging marshmallows at The City Bakery}