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Lessons at Fashion Week


With each recurring Fashion Week, I come home with lessons learned and a greater appreciation for prevailing taste. I'm heading back to L.A. this afternoon, but not without sharing my top five things I discovered while in New York.


1. Anna Wintour's hair really is as perfect as I had always imagined (I sat intimidatingly close to her at the Sophie Theallet show).


2. Pack extra Band-Aids when you plan on propping yourself up in 5" heels for multiple hours at a time.


3. A clean and simple ponytail never goes out of style.


4. Despite how late you stay out the night before, there's nothing a couple slices of New York pizza can't cure.


 5. If the entire contents of your suitcase are splayed across your hotel room, don't be ashamed to decline the maid service.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links