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Leslie's List: Cruffins, The Beatles, and Sweden

The best things to do this week in and out of L.A.
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In the five months Leslie has lived in L.A., she's already done more than some people I know who've lived here for years (no comment as to whether I'm referring to myself and Geoffrey). Every Monday morning, she has plays, concerts, and movies to report on from the weekend—and Alina has taken to sharing screenshots of Leslie's shared work calendar as an in-office meme, since she regularly has plans every single night.* She consistently has so many interesting things to share with us that we thought it would be fun for her to compile her favorite things to do, eat, see, read, watch, listen, and make as part of a weekly series. - Emily

Since moving to Los Angeles, I've been overwhelmed—in a good way—by the sheer number of things there are to do in this city. I often find myself wishing there were eight days in a week! The list I'll be sharing each week comes directly from my own calendar and experiences, so one week I might share a recipe I've come across under "Make," while another week I'll tell you about a band to "Listen" to, or an article to "Read." Each list reflects my own tastes, but I'll do my best to represent a variety of options and events each week so you can ideally find something that suits your own interests. While most of the items on this list are Southern California and L.A.-focused—only because I live here!—I've provided options for those who don't live anywhere near the West Coast whenever possible (hey, international and East Coast readers!). I hope you enjoy it!

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This Saturday, the first ever all-Swedish music festival outside of Sweden, appropriately named Stockholm California, will take place in Downtown L.A. Its lineup includes bands like Little Dragon and Icona Pop, as well as Swedish beer and food, starting at $40 per ticket (available here). Repeat after me: "Jag vill ha en öl." If you can't make it, listen to Sweden's top music on—what else?—the Sweden-based streaming site, Spotify.

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Last week, the famous Mr. Holmes Bakehouse from San Francisco (you may recognize them for their highly Instagram-able sign, “I got baked in San Francisco”) expanded to Los Angeles in Highland Park. Swing by their new beautiful and sun-soaked location for a coffee and a cruffin (the cronut of the West Coast). If you can't make it, bide your time solving the mystery of their stolen recipes.

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From now through the end of October, the mid-city gallery Kayne Corcoran Griffin has a two-person show that features gorgeous woven wall hangings, an ombre hot tub (!), and a bubblegum-pink house in the center of a bougainvillea-lined courtyard. In other words it’s an L.A. oasis. If you’re out of the area, curl up and read all about it here.

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The L.A. branch of the non-profit literary organization PEN Center gave out their annual awards to outstanding authors and journalists earlier this month. Scott Blackwood’s deeply unsettling but mesmerizing novel, See How Small, took home the award for Best Fiction. Read it and impress your friends with how hip and with the literary scene you are.


The highly anticipated HBO show, Divorce, starring Carrie Bradshaw, I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church premiered last weekend. Despite its not-so-happy plot (a drawn-out divorce) and mixed reviews, I loved the relatable dark comedy in the first episode, and plan on tuning in each week. Catch up on HBOGo here.


If you missed Desert Trip Weekend One, soothe your FOMO over missing Paul (and literally every other legendary music star) by watching the new Beatles documentary, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week. While you're at it, listen to the "new" live Beatles album, Live at the Hollywood Bowl and relive the '60s (even if you weren't there for them...).


If you’re a fan of the snack Ants on a Log (and who isn’t?), you’ll appreciate this grownup bar snack version made with celery and furikake (a Japanese seasoning) from Bar Goto in New York. It pairs especially well with a martini so you can leave the apple juice for snack time. 

P.S., Have any tips? I'd love to hear what your plans are for this week in the comments below!

To give you a sense of what makes us so impressed with Leslie's cultural and social life, a sample work week on her calendar included: The Moth Grand Slam on Monday; a So Far Sounds Concert on Tuesday; a Griffith Park hike Wednesday; a Baguette Competition Thursday; and a Rooftop Cinema Club showing of Pulp Fiction on Friday. The real-life screenshot I took to make fun of myself for being 30 and at home watching Seinfeld re-runs most weeknights, below:

The calendar that spurred the idea for Leslie's List 

The calendar that spurred the idea for Leslie's List 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.